2023 Debut Review - Yuri Manase

Published : December 31st, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Yuri Manase

Birthday (Age at debut): 2001-04-30 (22 years old)

Height: 157cm

Measurements: B98 - W62 - H94

Cup Size: G Cup

Debuted: For E-Body on 2023-05-16

Social Media: Twitter


Yuri was an actress I had my eye on early on in her career but had some reservations about. I've said it a bunch but it's too easy to get bamboozled by E-Body with how much they photoshop things or let down with how quickly their debuts go extinct. Once I started to have confidence in her with all the various studios she worked with it was just a matter of finding the right video. E-Body pegged her as a nursery school teacher and the thought of a teacher being lewd was pretty hot.


Facially Yuri was probably a bit below average. I'm not one to complain about teeth but she has an extra tooth right up front that isn't particularly pleasant to look at. Maybe she can get it removed but who knows, maybe it's not possible with where it is. Yuri's face was also a bit chubby in all directions from her rosy cheeks to her large chin to a bit of a double chin. Despite all of this she had nice eyes and came across more like a girl next door. She absolutely struck me like the kind of person you might realistically go after because she wasn't out of your league and there are certainly some bonus points for having a more approachable appearance as opposed to the top 1% that a lot of our favourites are.

Yuri's tits were fantastic. They were quite big and plump, definitely the right size for someone like me. There was a good amount to squeeze and play with as the actor was kind enough to do for us throughout the video. You could really see them jiggle in missionary in that sort of mesmerizing fashion that reminds you why boobs are so incredible.

Yuri's ass really impressed me. I had little expectation of it coming into this but it was juicy. It had a nice sweet spot between size and curve that worked out really well. I think it coupled well with her knowing how to arch her back in a way that made it stand out. There were even times where she spread her cheeks that made it seem all the more juicy. 


Yuri's performing was actually very nice. She spent a lot of time actually engaged in the content and going through a variety of motions. One moment she'd be kissing the guy, the next she'd have a nice smile on her face while maintaining some dialogue, and the next she'd do some rather generic moaning as she worked her way up to an orgasm. I find a lot of actresses to be very one dimensional with their performing so Yuri's being varied like that was really quite nice.

Really though, the thing that got me was how good she was at just acting. Not everyone can really make you feel a girlfriend experience but Yuri absolutely did. Just the way she smiled and looked at the guy, resting her head against him, you felt that loving and caring vibe coming from her.

Yuri's blowjobs were quite nice. She maintained a lot of eye contact and gave you that experience that shows they really care. She wasn't really one for deepthroating but that eye contact was legendary.

Yuri's paizuri was also quite nice. She would play with it using her boobs in many ways, but the actual titty fucking had different techniques which is always the key thing to look for. When coupled with that eye contact she was able to maintain it came out being awesome to watch.

Video Review

Yuuri starts a relationship with a guy and as awkward lovers the two start to really get to know themselves, including their bodies. When her boyfriend finds out that she has some spectacular tits he can't help but be overjoyed and want to spend all his time making sweet sweet love to her.

I found myself enjoying the theme despite the simplicity which I think was more a result of Yuri than the plot itself. I don't think simple plots are inherently bad, they just shift the focus in ways that a lot of actresses can't work with. When that happens I want to see Yuri loving him, being adorable, and the video having an emphasis on casual loving. It's hard to make work when actresses moan like hell but Yuri managed to do a wonderful job performing. That's not to mention that she made her body work for her but also got quite into it in general. Yuri's gimmick is supposed to be she's a teacher and the kindness you would expect really shone through.


Yuri has had a pretty solid career so far. She has gotten opportunities both good and bad but she has had opportunities nonetheless. Some of those opportunities were for big studios like Fitch, Kawai, Oppai, and Honnaka, and some of them were for small studios probably nobody has even heard of like Sukesuke and First Star. When she's getting like five releases a month I'm honestly not too upset when they're done for lower tier studios. Especially for someone like Yuri who actually can perform in some rather generic plots, I think giving her a girlfriend experience video with zero effort elsewhere actually could work. I'd still obviously prefer to see her at bigger studios but the volume so far is pretty pleasant.

Yuri also has a VR alongside fellow busty 2023 debut Chinatsu Niiyama. Honestly, it looks like a fairly interesting video as the two are competing against each other for you right in front of your eyes. It's the kind of thing that will inspire both of them to perform well and honestly by far the most interesting video either of them have.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

I'm surprisingly quite pleased with Yuri. All things considered there was a lot to like. She's not the prettiest, sure, but she's got everything else going for her. She's got a great rack, a bodacious booty, and was unexpectedly quite a good performer. There are plenty of tweaks to the type of narrative the video I reviewed had that could work out very well given her style. I think to that, going back to her being labelled a nursery school teacher, I actually could see it. A lot of the time those things are just random stuff they come up with to give an actress some sort of backstory. We'll probably never know if it's true or not but if it's fake then the person that came up with it deserves a raise. That kindness is pretty rare to see and she gives me Marina Shiraishi vibes on so many levels. She may be a little on the younger side for playing those kind of roles but I'll be eagerly awaiting them.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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Ramp_it_up 4 months ago
She's cute I definitely checked out some of her work, but EBODY be hyping up with covers
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