Real Nanpa - Picking Up Yokohama Socialites for Wild Van Sex with Over 155 Orgasms First Half

Published May 20, 2024

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We take our classic mid-tier full-sized van out to Yokohama to find attractive jet-set women and see if they would like to help our low confidence friend.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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So it turns out that our subscribers are indeed big fans of JAV movies that zero in on the "amateur women helping out virgin/shy men" theme. Not too long ago we tested the waters with a lovely albeit slightly flawed SOD title (mainly due to bad sound and something else we will address in this review) and we're back with another! OK, so REAL NANPA - PICKING UP YOKOHAMA SOCIALITES FOR WILD VAN SEX WITH OVER 155 ORGASMS is obviously not a sequel to that movie. Shot by PETERS, it far and away has no relation other than both being JAV (though if one wants to calculate a Bacon Number between this and that movie, do note this movie features MOMO HAZUKI who was in a recent SADISTIC VILLAGE update and that studio is also distributed by SOD!). That time it was in the famous Magic Mirror truck studio, this time we get an old van--probably the same one used in that great PEOPLE MONITORING series also by PETERS.

Don't discount that van! Don't make that mistake! Yes, the view in today's update may not match the Magic Mirror's, but I really, really love how authentic shooting in it feels; less like a JAV movie and more like some bizarre makeshift nanpa escapade somehow done right. You'd think filming in such closed and unusual quarters would make for poor footage, but dare I say everything works out so well here the normal hotel takeaway we see common in nanpa movies by other movies that may begin with a van scene actually can be a minus.

Pretty much all movies in the REAL NANPA series by PETERS are incredibly long and action-packed. Released almost monthly, our second update from it mostly follows the format of the last one though this time it's all in the van. It runs four hours and features five easy on the eyes performers. It's anyone's guess whether these are real deal socialites of Yokohama who happen to also be JAV stars or JAV stars who were shuttled over to Yokohama for some unique shooting.

Two things of note before closing out a review for a movie that does delivery on pretty much all fronts:

1. Yes, it's pretty obvious that this time and unlike that SOD movie noted above the herbivorous men are 'familiar faces'. That's almost the gist of the movie though. This is less "help out a real guy who has no sex experience" and more of "let's get a actor with tons of experience and have him act as a guy who has none and then give these amateurs who think they're going to be in charge helping out a sad sap the time of their lives while we film it in Kenji's van".

2. The title notes 155 orgasms. But is it true? When licensing this, I did ask the studio as there are a number of movies from the series that follow a similar naming scheme. The answer: it's pretty accurate! They do count and aren't randomly picking a number. Feel free to watch and take your own score and see if they match!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2432

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Small quarters, but fantastic location nevertheless!

+Women are all approachable babes though my vote goes to Momo Hazuki.

+Truly wild sex and surprising given it was filmed outdoors somewhere.


-Those wanting to see real introverted virgin types may be disappointed.

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