Embarrassment School Stark Naked Sex-Ed Lesson 4 First Half

Published April 26, 2024

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The Japanese government alters school sexual education to be more hands on in an odd-ball attempt to reverse the course of national demographics.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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Can JAV series ever run out of steam or if the cast keeps changing and production remains on point, can an end date be postponed indefinitely? Going into the fourth out of so far six iterations (and as of preparing this movie for publication, the seventh has just been released!) of SADISTIC VILLAGE's take on a school health class gone JAV, I had to wonder. On one hand, the visuals do remain on point. On the other, gosh the audio was a bit rough (our apologies about any subtitle gaps and yes, there may be some) and the scene structure is so close to the previous one that we were able to re-use the same on screen captions as they were 100% identical. BUT are we going to really complain about this when discussing yet another 3.5+ epic that for these nitpicks still delivers and does so with gusto?

The third in EMBARRASSMENT SCHOOL STARK NAKED SEX-ED LESSON had a weak point in casting; as noted there, it was almost as if they took actresses they shot a day before in a different shoot and filmed them once again. Light touch fans may not notice it, but those deeply wired into the SVCU (Sadistic Village Cinematic Universe) may have as did this author. What's more, while all were easy on the eyes, it was still rough in some ways (good gosh, I'd rather eat spoiled natto than attempt to subtitle MIHINA NAGAI'S sexual s-s-s-s-stuttering shtick again). In our fourth season, the casting is as solid the first two with all actresses being babes and even the staff remains on point. We lack that adorable idiot male student from the first, but PIERRE KEN and of course everyone's favorite female teacher nailed the dialog and in spite of this ending on a messy hardcore facial note, it still somehow keeps us connected to their unusual 'sex is normalized' world. The fourth wall has held, folks!

Asides from casting, what separates each movie in this JAV series is the second half. Yes, they all feature sex and a lot of it and yes, there's going to be that one encounter where at least two female students will have sex with two teacher's aides who look an awfully lot like JAV actors, but beyond that, we get variety. This time, fortunately, it pays off especially in the final lesson that seemingly at first appears like a dime-a-dozen devil's threesome with MOMO HAZUKI front and center, but things take a turn for the novel as teachers instruct students--females included!--to masturbate while watching. Soon with MOMO exploring a smorgasbord of positions, we've blowjobs and more in the background and when it's time for students to try out 'extravaginal facial ejaculations', we get a well done bukkake closer.

Where does SADISTIC VILLAGE go from here? A trilogy of great health/school JAV movies has become a quadrilogy and two (three!) more are on the way. Can the theme change? Or does it need to change? In spite of EMBARRASSMENT SCHOOL STARK NAKED SEX-ED LESSON 3 running the shortest at still a meaty 200+ minutes, it somehow packs a great punch and shows you don't need 4 hour whoppers to still feature a great amount of variety within one JAV movie. The dialog remains true to form and even though some of those male students were woefully miscast (one guy had to be at least 50!), this is still one of the more enjoyable big group variety JAV videos of recent memory.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1811

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Like previous editions, this one nails the dialog.

+Visually on fire including great female casting.

+Rare bukkake closer.


-MOMO HAZUKI under-utilized; only in last scene.

-Audio quality iffy at times.

-Overall structure identical to previous movie.

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