The Wife Swapping Game First Half

Published March 25, 2022

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Japanese couples in marriages bordering on sex-less do the unthinkable with Riri Kouda masterfully handling hosting duties.

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The Wife Swapping Game First Half
Timing and Translation by JM84
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You can kind of categorize JAV into two categories:  extremely realistic or outright fanciful.  Most studios are known to focus mainly on producing movies from one of these with streams rarely crossing.  GOGOS, for example, takes realism to the limit.  Were those really married couples in that insanely popular wife swapping update we showed a few months ago?  Or maybe just true blue amateurs portraying them?  Who knows.  The sex itself may have been somewhat lackluster, but given reality being the real star of that movie, who are we to complain?

If you want wife swapping with--and let's be honest here--more attractive actresses and don't mind their 'husbands' being some very familiar faces if you've seen a JAV movie or two, then look no further than this wonderful ROCKET release that makes up today and Monday's double update:  THE WIFE SWAPPING GAME.  The first in a small series I sure hope they revisit in the future sees none other than RIRI KOUDA once again donning her trademark red jacket and microphone for hosting duties.  While I'd love to see her playing a host AND a wife, I'll take one if that's all we can get.

Unlike the GOGOS release, this one starts with the action relatively quickly:  20 minutes of talking and interviews rather than the incredible hour.  If you've not a lot of patience, perhaps this is a good thing, but from a subtitling point of view, the GOGOS was a trial, but it really did make the actual action considerably more enjoyable in spite of the performers not being very good...well, performers.  In THE WIFE SWAPPING GAME, we've pro's doing what pro's do best.  Expect some crazy positions, audacious squirting, embarrassment sex, jealousy sex, an ingenious use of curtains and hands bound with cloth so partners can't forget who their spouses are, and yes--lots and lots of questionably authentic creampies.

As much as I prefer older women, the first scene featuring both the sultry RYOKO NAGASE and KANON TAKIGAWA commanded my attention.  The former I cannot believe would ever satisfy herself being in a sex-less relationship and the latter is one of the most under-rated actresses of her era (at least when it comes to looks).

THE WIFE SWAPPING GAME surely is a permanent resident of JAV Land.  It's far from realistic, but the sex is done masterfully.  RIRI KOUDA does what she does best.  I can't find much, if anything, to complain about.  Certainly this is a crazy JAV reenactment of one of life's most forbidden passions and it's handled near flawlessly.  ROCKET has a few more movies in this flavor and if this update does well, we'll be sure to license them in the future.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1524

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Amazing wife swapping theme.
+Excellent eye candy casting.
+Unique ways to combine sex and infidelity.


-Far from realistic.

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