Masturbation Navigation by Dominant Women

Published December 23, 2015

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Unique CFNM virtual masturbation assistance presented totally in POV led by three quite dominant and clothed Japanese woman by GUTS.

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Masturbation Navigation by Dominant Women
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After being situated in the Japanese adult industry for so long both on the Japan front and western front as well, we are well aware that nobody--NOBODY--is a fan of mosaic.  Trust us when we say it:  production companies here hate them as much as foreign fans and Japanese fans alike.  In fact, they hate them even more!


Time and money and pesky regulation authorities mainly run by retired cops.

With that said, the at-times expensive requirement to obscure genitalia has given birth to a vast assortment of unique adult video genres that producers in the west would never have had the need to come up with.  We've seen 'dick-socks' by means of FETIS, an extreme focus on body parts thanks to, and further down the line we have a few anal sex titles that are 'uncensored' due to the clever use of skin-colored medical tape placed over shaved vaginas.

Another neat genre of Japanese AV are POV titles.  Pseudo dating movies have been a thing for a long time, but some of the pickier fans still don't want to see another guy's private parts in lieu of their own.  What these fans really want more than anything else is a pure one-on-one 'experience' with a Japanese AV star--or at least a very lewd woman.

Today, GUTS delivers on this request via a very quirky title called MASTURBATION NAVIGATION BY DOMINANT JAPANESE WOMEN.  The theme of this short, but salient release is rather simple, but very erotic:  three scenes each starring a different woman who watches you masturbate.  It's essentially an adult video recreation of masturbation cafes.

These establishments are not really cafes.  Visually, they're identical to healths in that you share a private room with an (attractive) woman.  The difference is instead of receiving a handjob (or more), she'll just watch you masturbate.  There's no touching.

Some men and certainly many readers of ZENRA may scoff at this idea, but we know there are others who get off on simply being watched.  This type of play is called SENZURI in Japanese.  It's all done with visual aid and also reduces the risk of STD contraction to 0!  Sweet deal!

Each scene in MASTURBATION NAVIGATION stars a lewd AV star.  Scene one features MAO MISAKI whom is followed by CHIHAYA ANZU and then KASUMI KOBAYASHI closes with some anal-themed butt-smacking teasing...all verbally of course.

A title such as this NEEDS comprehension from its viewership to be appreciated.  Without a doubt.

It's fully subtitled in English for ZENRA subscribers and we know the theme of off-camera SENZURI may be strange to some, but we request all fans to clear some time from their busy schedules, grab a bottle of lotion and tissues, turn off the lights, and attempt to use this release as a novel way of self-gratification.  You may be surprised at how effective it is!

We will be showing a spiritual sequel MASTURBATION NAVIGATION that features Japanese AV stars in cosplay attire at a later date.  If that interests you more, we strongly suggesting sticking pun intended.  :)

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