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Published October 25, 2014

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When ennui becomes too much for a certain older Japanese woman who allows herself to be whisked away to a hot springs affair uncensored in HD with subtitles.

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Immoral Onsen Dalliance with Mana Funaki Uncensored HD
with English Subtitles

Not everyone has a happy marriage. Japan is still criticized for living in the past--the glorious 1950's according to some--when it comes to the lay of the land within the confines of one's home. The overworked husband commands all from his comfy legless chair while drinking one chuu-hai after another while watching brain-draining variety TV programming. Actual work is piled upon his wife who already is busy enough juggling a challenging home life along with her own extracurricular activities.

Something has to give.

Many husbands as they age eventually become zombies of TV land and forget the human needs of their life partner. Sex is unforgettable and happens rarely. It's also quick with a hasty finish by the paterfamilias leaving cleanup duty to the wife who did not achieve any level of adequate pleasure.

Again, something has go to give...and it does.

Affairs are starting to become more commonplace and the burgeoning love hotel industry in Japan makes it easy to have a salacious fling in a relatively comfortable setting. Where those in the west need to worry about logistics of whether or not someone may be at home, those in Japan can simply sneak out on the premise of running errands and enjoy quick coitus in a cushy environment.

Fans of dalliances and trysts--affairs where it's the wife looking for sexual freedom--will love today's production which is all about a weekend hot springs getaway where worries of the mundane world are left behind. Mana Funaki is the star of this production. What makes her unique physically is that the curtains do not match the drapes. Although staunch right wing Japanese may disagree with ample doses of vitriol, Japan has always been a mixing pot of people and Mana Funaki with her naturally tawny pubic hair is a great example (her off-camera POV partner actually describes her hair as blonde but anything not black often equates to blonde in Japanese). A person of Asian descent not having sable hair may be somewhat rare, but it's not unheard of. It's even been said that one extraordinarily famous leader of nomadic horsemen eight centuries ago had red hair yet otherwise looked 'Asian'.

Mana Funaki is looking to have some time away from her home life and her husband. The nuts and bolts of her reasoning for fleeing normalcy are not given, but the reasons for those familiar with Japan's increasingly antiquated home-life can easily make accurate conjectures. She's meeting a gentleman whose name is not given and face is barely shown. He generally exists behind the camera.

In fact, with his long hair and sunglasses, his face remains hidden nearly the entire production. Some at home may not like this approach, but it's very effective especially since this production features many scenes shot in POV (point-of-view). His long hair and eye gear make him hard to see thus it's easier to imagine that you're the one doing the naughty with Mrs. Funaki.

Mana Funaki's Immoral Onsen Dalliance (onsen being the Japanese word for 'hot springs') is not just nonstop lovemaking. It starts out slow with the couple meeting at a station before hopping on an express train into Japan's forested countryside. Lascivious fun does get a head start via the covert usage of a remote control vibrator while still on board.

The next scene is all outdoors in a forest meandering on and off a trail apparently leading towards their lodging. Step by step, Mana Funaki is encouraged to strip and partway there, more remote control vibrator play segueing into oral sex and finally concluding with all-out lovemaking against an old tree occurs. It's hard to classify this scene as bona-fied public nudity since nobody is around (though Mana Funaki frequently voices her fear of being caught and constantly warns about hearing footsteps on the trail). What it is for sure is a great example of uncensored outdoor Japanese sex.

Later scenes take place within the bath itself along with some prurient fun involving food and drink within their room. One embarrassing situation for Mana Funaki was when her paramour emptied some of his drink in between her clenched legs and then proceeded to drink it with a straw. She then returned the favor.

Could one consider Mana Funaki an unbelievably attractive AV actress? It's debatable. However, this production does contain an element of realness lacking in others. It does not feel staged. It does not feel like it was done in a studio. It really does feel like an intimate getaway with two Japanese adults whose intense sexual cravings for each other that are hard to express when on familiar ground.

Mana Funaki's Immoral Onsen Dalliance is available on Zenra in HD uncensored with exclusive English subtitles. The sex scenes that conclude this great production may be short on dialog, but the events proceeding it such as the romantic dinner party feature nearly non-stop conversation between our off-camera male participant and the Japanese milf star of this production. Bit by bit, we discern just how relieved Mana Funaki is being in an environment where she can sexually express herself and finish on her own terms. She also doesn't have to worry about cleanup.

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