New Student Physical Examination Day 3 First Half

Published December 18, 2020

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New female transfer students sadly undertake a medical exam held by the lowest bidder leading to uncaring doctors and lots of embarrassed nudity.

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New Student Physical Examination Day 3 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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There's nothing more embarrassing and fraught than transferring to a new school and before even the first class begins, being made to undergo a very thorough medical exam in front of darn near everyone!  Fellow female classmates, male students, teachers, BoE members in suits with clipboards in tow, a smorgasbord of doctors and nurses, and gosh knows who else!  Can being exposed like this be the true nadir of one's young and hopeful life?  What if it doesn't end there?  What if by the end of a day that never seems to end you've been stripped stark naked too many times to count while everyone--and I mean everyone!--has received an eyeful and then some of your most private areas?  And what if after that a few adventurous ones see how far they can go with you in private?

That pretty much sums up what happens in NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY, a popular series by embarrassment-focused JAV studio SADISTIC VILLAGE.  In a fantastic example of taking and breaking pure innocence in ways most prurient and borderline public, we see a quintet of fresh-faced Japanese schoolgirls being tested, poked, prodded, massaged, fingered, and more in a very open medicinal setting.  Obviously far from reality, but not quite fictional as schools and businesses with stingy budgets do often hire on the cheapest bidder even if that means quality will suffer.  I mean what's the harm in hiring doctors to oversee these exams if their own credentials have lapsed by a few years?  Can't hurt too much, right?

What we get in the third iteration follows almost too closely in the footsteps of what came before.  It's still shot in that very airy studio I really, really wish JAV makers would stop using and follows an almost identical scene structure.  What we get in 3 can almost be a frame-by-frame recreation of 2, but with different actresses.  Honesty is what counts at ZENRA and the five schoolgirls we saw in the second (not to mention the original) are way up my alley.  The third seemed to lack an identifiable leader figure.  And by 'leader', I don't necessarily mean one who stands up to the teachers more, but more of a more familiar face that the other four can circle around.  This time we get NANASE HAZUKI, MIYU KANADE, MAYUKA MOMOTA, and two more, but what really could have helped was at least one A-rank cast member to even things out.

The embarrassment is real, though.  I will give SADISTIC VILLAGE where credit is due:  they are masters at the 'world of instigators against one normie' theme.  We get medical checks that surely won't happen in real life leading to some amazing footage of embarrassed and naked Japanese schoolgirls complete with an increased level of fondling as each scene runs its course.  Again, sex with all five happens, but is shoehorned in at the end.  Seeing it actually incorporated into the exams would be my biggest suggestion to them for future editions in this series.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1573

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Great theme
-Huge cast
-Visuals spot-on


-Lack of an A-lister
-Horrible set location
-Does not innovate

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