Aoi Kasahara - Cheating Wife Flower Arrangement Showcase

Published June 14, 2023

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One really has to wonder why there are so few Japanese beauties in kimonos have unfaithful sex JAV movies.

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Aoi Kasahara - Cheating Wife Flower Arrangement Showcase
Timing and Translation by JM84

Sorry to burst anyone's bubbles, but the chances of you scoring with your flower arrangement teacher during the first encounter at least is about zero.  But in JAV Land--and repeat with me here--ANYTHING is possible!  Even a facial!

Beautiful Japanese women in kimonos may be cliched, but also is something you don't see too often in Japanese AV.  While they may appear pricey and they indeed are when new, the sad reality that while it costs a small fortune to have one's OWN kimono, simply buying one that has been sitting around for ages is actually pretty cheap.  Thus, their usage as JAV props is ideal.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a used kimono and an new office lady uniform go for around the same price which leads me to wonder why we just don't see random modern day movies with actresses in them.  The obi may be tough, but any skilled makeup artist who also knows wardrobe should be able to handle it.  Until then, let's count ourselves lucky DREAMROOM delivered the goods big time in today's update, CHEATING WIFE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT SHOWCASE starring a somewhat under-rated AOI KASAHARA.

It actually wasn't too long ago when we last showed a movie starring AOI.  There, she played a cheating wife who gave up her anus.  Here, to really change things up, she plays a cheating wife willing to give up her virginity and by virginity I mean her infidelity cherry.

Cast alongside that super ripped JAV actor whom doesn't seem to have a stage-name so I just call him JAV GENKI SUDO due to their eerily similar facial structures and build, we get a cozy 60 minute or so release that begins outside with a picturesque walk through a park followed by an intimate hotel encounter because that's where all proper one-on-one flower arrangement classes are carried out.  This may start in a unique way and feature a unique outfit, but the end result is standard fare in ideal ways though breaking with creampie tradition, we only get a facial here.  Most likely it's so her husband will never find out in case she...well, not all cheating wives are that old!

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Production Quality
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+Attractive actress who really nails the beauty in kimono look.
+Colorful title with great lighting.
+Actor is in great shape, really.  Very easy on the eyes.


-Facial finish when real creampies are the norm for this studio.