Ryoka Sakurai - Real Life Office Lady Wants to Have Sex with JAV Actor

Published March 6, 2024

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Adorable Japanese office lady reveals her secret: an urge to appear in JAV at least once and to do it raw with an especially well-endowed actor.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

If there ever was a contender for young Japanese office lady who secretly was something of a sex freak, RYOKA SAKURAI would be a prime contender. She just oozes that vibe; I can so imagine her having a day job at some archaic open office somewhere wearing that old school uniform being all demure and diligent when needed, but as soon as 6PM hits, a switch is turned on. In fact, going wild with sex was hinted at in the interview portion of this unique DREAMROOM release pairing said potential naughty OL with a familiar JAV actor who possesses a really, really big dick.

It's actually funny because we have received emails about a somewhat recent update he appeared in with questions about whether he really was that big or if the pixels were done in a way to make it seem so. Well, in REAL LIFE OFFICE LADY WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH JAV ACTOR, this should be put to rest. The dude's good-looking, in shape, and yes, really is packing. He won the genetic lottery and thankfully has given it back over the years to hundreds if not thousands of women with curious yet eager RYOKA being another notch in his Book of Boning.

Perhaps it's due to being shot in the same location, but this marks the third movie (at least) filmed there and each one is better than the previous. We had that delivery health explainer and not too long ago a tea ceremony gone naughty. The lighting is just right and everything just comes together well. It also helps that each actress has been well-cast from voluptuous to pale and mature and finally with RYOKA pale and dynamite. She may lack the hair and the extreme curves of the two prior performers, but makes up for it with an almost preternatural fascination with the actor's dick. Her blowjob technique may not be pro level, but her dedication is nonpareil.

As is standard for a no pixel JAV movie, this one concludes with a real creampie that looks all the better given how tiny RYOKA's labia majora and minora happen to be. It's a really rare combination of killer body topped off by great breasts and a vagina that in spite of her claims of sexual prowess looks relatively unused. Could a lie be in the air or like the actor, she also was given a nice genetic boost?

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Overall Satisfaction


+Theme thanks to casting works extremely well.

+Actress is pale and just right from head to toe.

+Actor also is really packing and does what he needs to do.

+Real creampie finish.


-Nothing of note. This one nails its intention.

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