Noriko Sudou - Reverse Nanpa in the Public Housing Projects

Published May 26, 2021

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Cheating Japanese wife so desperate for romance she hires an actor and JAV director and agrees to go all the way without protection.

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Noriko Sudou - Reverse Nanpa in the Public Housing Projects
Timing and Translation by Jimi Hentai

How desperate would one need to be to not only have a fling, but do it while the cameras are rolling?  We've all seen those cheating wives JAV movies that star women who claim not only to be married, but are filming JAV behind their husbands' backs.  True?  When it comes to this industry, it's best to take everything with a grain of salt.  Yes, there exists out-call brothels in Japan that cater to female customers, but they aren't that common.  A camera-wielding director played by none other than hyper loquacious Abe-chan with a ready and stiff actor in tow visiting the real home of a real wife may be a tall order if true, but hey, ya never know.

We've seen this setup before.  A few years ago Abe-chan filmed and starred in another movie from the same series that we continue with today in REVERSE NANPA IN THE PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS.  This one stars NORIKO SUDOU, an actress who pretty much debuted with this movie (so perhaps it is true after all...) and did a small number of mainly uncensored movies before retiring.  I like her.  She's attractive and approachable.  Pretty, yet sultry after enough foreplay has commenced.  Needy and vulnerable, traditional yet down for insanely risky activities.  My type of woman!  Yours too, I bet.

REVERSE NANPA is not a grand movie; like others of its kind from DREAMROOM, we get something intimate and yes, lacking in the budget department.  This is a hair above straight-forward sex.  Abe-chan injects himself (a bit too much in my opinion) into the plot as a happy-go-lucky cameraman/director while the actor remains close to mute.  Minor issues aside, the footage itself is pretty good and I can't get enough of NORIKO really nailing her role as well.  Perhaps she really is married and what we hear during the interview portion of this movie is the cold hard truth?

With good pacing, an attractive actress, and yes, a real creampie finish, I'm overall pleased with REVERSE NANPA IN THE PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS.  Abe-chan, when not given an actual role, really needs to shut his trap at times.  I'm sure he's a great guy in real life, but comes off too energetic in movies when he receives no direction (or is the director himself).  He plays a mean doctor, but otherwise...

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 272

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Attractive yet believable actress.
+Real creampie finish.
+Nice, simple plot also grounded in reality.


-Abe-chan not knowing when to keep quiet.

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