Embarrassment School Stark Naked Sex-Ed Lesson 2 First Half

Published February 20, 2023

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A prestigious Japanese academy is big on two things: gender equality and hands-on education when it comes to sexual reproduction.

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Embarrassment School Stark Naked Sex-Ed Lesson 2 First Half
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When writing these reviews, I usually don't part the curtain between how prep went and thoughts on the movie, but given how much of a beast of an update this was to bring to life, I whole-heartedly recommend you make those almost three weeks of subtitling worth it to us at ZENRA by taking some time to appreciate the beauty of this well-rounded, well-shot, and well-cast four hour and 2400 line SADISTIC VILLAGE masterpiece.  With that said, let's dive in!

There exists only one negative thing about EMBARRASSMENT SCHOOL STARK NAKED SEX-ED LESSON 2 and on the surface at least, it appears near identical to the first one.  The trailer doesn't help either (trailers should never give too much away, but 55 seconds covering 4 hours of footage is cutting it kind of short!), but almost every aspect of an already great JAV movie has been improved upon and I am so happy that SADISTIC VILLAGE still shoots this series every so often.  Yes, today's update is not the last time we'll be showing sex-ed gone JAV!

Now just imagine how much more effective studying is when instead of reading or looking at hard to digest charts, you get in front of you the real deal.  The human anatomy in 2D is one thing, but your actual stark naked and embarrassed classmate you've had a crush on for gosh knows how long standing several feet away from you?  Glory and a really lovely way to commit an all too important health class lesson to memory.  SADISTIC VILLAGE founded an academy (location unknown) where these types of lessons are commonplace.  It may be connected to that weird medical testing outfit we've seen footage from before.  Here, we get a somewhat imbalanced class with only five female students (that for some reason only seem to be present in pairs except for one) taking valuable time to learn how our bodies work when it comes time for reproduction.

Summing up each period of the day would pad the review, but would make one's eyes glaze over especially since the screenshots accompanying this should be the ideal visual aids to really nail home how well everything turned out.  We see the return of "Kimura-sensei" who proves again and again she may be the best clothed extra in JAV history (remember, RIRI KOUDA doesn't get this award because she was a former JAV star turned clothed host!).  Trust me, finding women (and even men!) who are OK to appear in JAV as these clothed extras again and again is extremely difficult.  That we have some who stand the test of time and can perform well is commendable beyond belief.  She nails it and bringing BOKKI SUGIURA into the mix is a vast improvement as he has a wild ability to volte-face from crazy weirdo to funny weirdo faster than it takes to read this almost run-on sentence.  My only issue with casting is the 'head' student last time was played by that goofy actor whom was born to play 'immature class idiot'.  Good-looking "Aoi-kun" (whose stage name I really should know by now) gave his best, but it wasn't the same.

More praise incoming!  A major issue I've had again and again with these longer SADISTIC VILLAGE movies is how they often conclude with shoehorned sex scenes that don't really add much.  Here, we get two, but they work well with the plot.  SEX-ED LESSON 2 absolutely nails the 'sexual non-sexual' theme--something I've loved in the past and we'll be showing a lot more in the future thanks to our new deal with [REDACTED] and even in those 'shoehorned' encounters, the dialog remains on point.  So far we have licensed three from this series (at least five have been shot as of writing this) and I have not yet peeked at the third one since selecting it for licensing, but if it's even half as good as today's update, it still will be epic.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2419

4 Files 4.19GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Wonderful casting.
+Everything the movie sets out to do, it does and excels.
+Even final one-on-one sex encounters work well with the plot rather than feeling like unneeded extra footage.


-Audio a bit ho-hum at times.
-Aoi-kun was good, but the previous guy was better.
-This took me almost three weeks to subtitle so please watch it.

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