Once I Start, I Can't Stop Toilet Plastic Wrap Prank

Published September 19, 2015

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Extremely embarrassing Japanese prank production in the form of plastic wrap affixed to toilets leads to wet and messy women by HAISETSU.

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Once I Start, I Can't Stop Toilet Plastic Wrap Prank Full HD
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Read our exclusive interview with the Japanese AV production company behind this release!

Pranks and the Japanese frequently go hand-in-hand.  The whole concept of reality TV that deals with fooling the cast has been a mainstay in Japanese media forever.  Who here remembers the man who voluntary confined himself in an apartment for over a year?  After he thought the event finally ended, he was shipped off to another (fake) apartment that took place in front of a live studio audience.  Soon enough he stripped naked as that was how he was attired for the bulk of the last year, but along with triumphant musical fanfare, the walls of his pseudo abode collapsed leaving him in his birthday suit in front of millions.  It was the prank to end all pranks and unfortunately, Nasubi, the comedian who volunteered for this didn't have half the career he was hoping for after it was all said and done.

Japanese AV has tried to emulate goofs like this and sometimes they work rather well, but other times not so much.  Take note that your average variety television programming has a much, much larger staff including creative minds who are cherry-picked due to their comedic acumen.  Production companies of adult video generally aren't as lucky, but that doesn't mean they can't do humor.

HAISETSU--whose full name is Onna Haisetsu Ichimonkai ('The Women Excretion Family Group')--is a production company that really thinks out of the box.  They originally opened shop with titles mainly focused around something we cannot promote on ZENRA let alone say, but now they have expanded to many aspects of bodily emissions and recently launched their 'parts' label Feticismo.

We've already told a bit about HAISETSU in previous updates and we also had an exclusive interview with them at My Dearest Desire.  For those who rather remain comfy on this page, what really makes them unique is their talent which is almost all true-blue amateurs.  You rarely see 'experienced' AV stars in their titles.  However, in spite of the women mainly being amateur, production quality is top-notch.  All releases by HAISETSU are in Full HD with no shaky cameras.  The picture is beautiful, the lightning is great, and mosaic is skillfully applied.  In fact, the mosaic used in HAISETSU productions is extremely thin and very form-fitting.  You can pretty much see everything.

Another tidbit about them is how their titles carry the torch for 'sexual non-sexual'.  In other words, aside from a solo masturbation series, all HAISETSU works have very little in terms of overtly erotic imagery.  Yes, the women get naked--though many only from the waist down, but actual foreplay and intercourse is not there.  It's possible future titles by them will be harder, but for now HAISETSU is comfortable making 'fun' releases that still have just enough eroticism to be considered adult video.

What a tangent!

Anyway, ONCE I START, I CANNOT STOP PLASTIC WRAP PRANK is about Japanese women using the bathroom.  More specifically, it's about women who really, really need to go #1 to the point where they care not to look down at the toilet.  This is important because all the toilets in this release are affixed with clear plastic wrap!

Once urination starts, it's near impossible to stop and as you can imagine, several seconds of bliss leads to epic disasters featuring panicking bottomless woman who screech while attempting to cease their streams.  Some surprisingly jump up while still peeing whereas others simply give up and mope while letting it all out.  Clothing is ruined and panties are soaked.  They're embarrassed and sullied, but try to clean up and make the best of it.

These prank scenes in the bathroom are rather short.  The bulk of this 140 minute production is what happens before and after it.  Yes, this is a 'talkie'.  With over 1,800 lines of dialog, ONCE I START, I CAN'T STOP is one of the more comprehensive English subtitling jobs we've done at ZENRA.  

Each scene has a different theme:  there's the school tutor who is upset at her student (played by HAISETSU's president).  She has to pee real bad, but her pupil does not understand why she needs to go to the toilet with such urgency.  "So you drank too much and you'll go to the toilet and do what...?" is an example of the bizarre inquisition-like dialog exchanges that happen.

Later on we see urination interviews done on a toilet-seat chair with a very perky bottomless woman named [Redacted] whom we saw in great detail earlier this year.  There's the mock drama audition, the lackadaisical judo athlete, and the very angry female boss.

To truly appreciate the humor in ONCE I START, I CANNOT STOP PLASTIC WRAP PRANK, you must either understand Japanese near fluently or watch this title here at ZENRA with our English subtitles.  Without understanding the actresses and the off-camera host, you'd just be watching panicking Japanese women peeing over plastic wrap which is kind of funny admittedly, but there's a lot more happening in this lengthy title.

We'll be seeing more works by HAISETSU in the future with urination themes like this one, farting ones which we have shown previously, and perhaps 'parts' titles as well.  Have you ever wondered how far women can 'squirt' while standing?  You'll find out in a future update by them.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1859

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