The Farts of Japanese Career Women

Published July 25, 2015

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Japanese career women spend time alone in front of a camera and talk about their experiences farting along with actual demonstrations in full HD with subtitles.

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The Farts of Japanese Career Women
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Just like how we featured a true blue Japanese amateur last week in a harder uncensored title, we decided to continue the authentic amateur streak on ZENRA with a release by our studio partner HAISETSU.  And just like their first release last March, this one's all about something that rarely goes hand-in-hand in adult video (outside of blooper reels):  farting!

The charm of HAISETSU titles is how they tackle 'innocent' themes in a way that's both lascivious yet non-sexual.  Even with some of their more bizarre releases such as the Emergency Toilet Manual series that may be shown on ZENRA in the future, elements of embarrassed Japanese amateur nudity are full and present, but actual sexual acts are non-existent.  The farthest HAISETSU will go with explicit sexuality is their Masturbation While Wetting Oneself series, but that like the majority of their releases is a total solo affair.

Men around the world may pride themselves on their ability to pass wind whenever and wherever, but the fairer sex--especially in a country where pink collar jobs are still a thing--would never dare.  In today's release, THE FARTS OF JAPANESE CAREER WOMEN, Japanese women who opt for employment over the 'easy way out' by means of marriage take part in a few minutes apiece of flatulence freedom.  It's a liberation of farting that all ]are giddy to star in where they can fart and fart with gusto and without worry of retribution from anyone.

13 women take part in scenes of an equal number.  Those who prefer large download chunks may be a bit annoyed that we decided to release each scene on its own, but we felt grouping women together would have been rude.  Don't forget that most women who are HAISETSU GIRLS pretty much ONLY work for HAISETSU and nobody else.  They're real Japanese women who want to stick a toe or two in adult video, but do nothing too sexual.  They are not common in this industry (believe it or not) so it's best to treat them well.  For all we know they could be reading this review!

And on that note, since we do maintain frequent contact with HAISETSU, if any ZENRA subscribers would like to send any of the HAISETSU performers fan mail, contact us and let us know!  You can also contact them directly at the email address shown at the end of the production (which will not be posted here due for spam prevention purposes).

Each scene including the final bonus one that takes place in a bathtub follows the same format:  a timid introduction, followed by a true story or two about farting, and then show-time!

Introductions are self-explanatory.  Some girls are pert and shy while others jump in with guns blazing ready to take no prisoners.  All have interesting 'farting episodes' that they recount before getting in position and attempting to pass wind.  Compared to the previous farting release by HAISETSU, THE FARTS OF JAPANESE CAREER WOMEN seems a bit more authentic with the actual flatulence portions.  The previous update may have been liberal with its use of air pumps to create pseudo farts.  This time around, it's still possible they were used, but going by the very low number of cuts per scene, their use was probably minimal.

It also must be said that this edition of Japanese women farting has less farts.  More time is spent seeing each woman in various positions of embarrassment from legs in the air to a bottomless butt inches away from the Full HD camera trying their mightiest to let one loose.  Thus, this edition of Japanese female flatulence is more about the journey to extreme embarrassment than the destination.  Make note that all the women do pass a decent amount of wind and some of their tooting is very surprising.  From silent pouts of air to squeaks to full-on meaty farts, it's all for the smelling.

There even was a woman in the second to last scene who became quite aroused.  After she stripped off her panties she kept on pushing...and pushing...and...something extra came out...accidentally?  We can't be too sure if this was an accident or not, but unfortunately the 6 seconds or so of 'extra' footage where farts turned visual and 'solid' had to be edited out of the ZENRA release due to strict western billing regulations.  If you wish to see some of the harder titles HAISETSU produces including the missing 6 seconds of FARTS OF JAPANESE CAREER WOMEN, we highly recommend you visit their official homepage.

FARTS OF JAPANESE CAREER WOMEN is a very welcome edition of Japanese female flatulence and there's no better place to showcase this rarity of maniac Japanese AV than at ZENRA.  It's in Full HD with relatively light use of mosaic and all of the dialog--especially the fart-related parts--is exclusively subtitled in English.  You won't find this title anywhere else on the western internet circuit so now's your chance to dabble in the miasmic stench of Japanese female flatulence.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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