Farts of Embarrassed Japanese Women

Published March 28, 2015

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Embarrassed Japanese women strip off their panties and fart over and over while battling extreme embarrassment with subtitles.

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Farts of Embarrassed Japanese Women Full HD
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There probably is not a single person reading this who does not delight in seeing an attractive woman doing something inherently embarrassing.  Add elements of nudity and a little bit of sexuality to the mix and you're golden.  This can sum up HAISETSU (warning:  extremely NSFW even by adult internet standards but does feature very cute anime character mascots...your call on this risky click) aka The Woman Excretion Family Group's motto succinctly.  Only several years old, this nascent Japanese production company has a very unique look on what makes a good title and they are not coy about letting it known.

What makes HAISETSU really special is their dedication to many fetishes most conventional viewers and Japanese adult production companies alike may find somewhat off-putting.  However, it may not be obvious at first, but all of their productions may feature women in various states of nudity, but there is rarely any overtly sexual elements (with the exception of one series involving solo masturbation while wetting oneself).  They also have recently released a popular online manga all about 'accidents'.  The drawing is topnotch thus fans of 2D illustrations of a Japanese nature will surely enjoy it.

Along with titles all about wetting oneself and well...somewhat solid things coming out from the other hole--the latter of which will not be featured on ZENRA due to strict western billing company rules--are works from their growing selection of flatulence titles--or farting titles. 

Also, ALL titles featured on ZENRA from HAISETSU will be in Full HD.


There truly is nothing more embarrassing than accidentally farting in front of a stranger.

The mindset of most Japanese women taking part in this juggernaut of a production spanning twelve scenes is mostly of embarrassment though there are some who become sexually aroused at passing wind for strangers.  This is no prank title either.  Although some type of air pump is almost certainly used to keep each woman farting for minutes on end, giggles and surprised squeaks are absent.

Most scenes feature Japanese women of varying degrees of attractiveness baring all from the waist down and coyly passing gas.  For example, the first scene shows an office lady winning a match of arm wrestling against her boss (while accidentally tooting during the match).  Her award is to squat bottomless above him and empty her noxious gas chambers while her boss laps up the clear yet surely pungent vapors emanating from her exposed and at-times gaping anus.

There's also the conversation scene where two Japanese women talk about their favorite cakes.  One's internal monologue grumbles about stomach issues before accidentally farting.  She soon makes a bee-line for the toilet where we see her squat down on thick legs and continue farting nearly nonstop for several minutes.

Although bare butts are visible in essentially all scenes, the most beautiful one is awarded to the Japanese amateur of nonpareiled cuteness in the third who begins her wind-breaking spree in a schoolgirl uniform.  It's soon discarded and a butt of unusual plump proportions is shown both from behind and with her sitting forward with legs in the air.  Her anus and the area around it is innocently pink and she squirms in embarrassment while popping out farts one after another.  What's more, according to the owner of HAISETSU, this actress is (or was?) a true virgin.

There even is the Japanese maid who cannot seem to stop apologizing to her off-camera 'master' as she bares her spread from behind and lets out farts one after another.  Fortunately, this is an adult video production with strong emphasis on the 'video'.  The studios used after this type of highly maniac production almost certainly had quite a miasmic odor of flatulence because farts even from women--beautiful women no less--don't smell any better then their male equals.

THE FARTS OF EMBARRASSED JAPANESE WOMEN is a great way to stick a curious toe into the warm waters that is HAISETSU.  It's not as 'hard' as their other productions though slight portions of today's update had to be edited for content before being placed on ZENRA.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but the reasoning is just.  Let's just say in several of the scenes, the female talent squeezed their sphincters just a bit too hard and HAISETSU, being a company not to shy away from 'solid waste' accidents was there to film it all up close and personal.  If you would like to see 'that', please contact support and we can arrange a physical sales deal to make it a reality.

Although dialog may be sparse in this non-story-driven Japanese AV title, it's still there and some scenes such as the second one with extended conversation about sweets contains a good deal of it.  As usual, dialog is subtitled in English completely and accurately for your viewing pleasure.  Stay tuned as we have many more unique titles from this truly maniac Japanese studio to feature such as standing female squirting challenges and of course more farting by embarrassed Japanese women.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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