Having Sex in Front of My Husband Infidelity Examination

Published December 12, 2022

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How can a wife this cute have trouble in bed? And what can be done about it besides having sex with a JAV director while her husband watches?

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Having Sex in Front of My Husband Infidelity Examination
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Where does reality end and JAV begin?  Or does it?  I've been working on enough GOGOS movies to spot this strange trend where their resident stallion director (this may be pushing it because his T-shirts can't hide THAT belly) always seems to be have this uncanny ability to hook up with needy Japanese wives and in today's update, troubled couples, for wild sex while he films it all.  Is this what actually happens or is this an elaborate setup?

Regardless, I am as happy as happy gets that not only are we showing something done too little in JAV--real deal cuckolding--but how well it's done.  Oh, and the wife is insanely adorable.  While her name isn't given, if she was a half-sister of TSUBOMI or even a first cousin, I wouldn't be surprised because they look REALLY alike.  Sadly, her name isn't given and searching has resulted in nothing substantial so perhaps GOGOS really did find an eager couple willing to have their sexual issues solved if they could be filmed in the act.

The gist of HAVING SEX IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND INFIDELITY EXAMINATION involves said married couple meeting with the director.  Their problem?  The husband.  Apparently, his manhood is just too big making for sex that is uncomfortable.  Throughout an impressively long and detailed interview pushing 30 minutes (yes, it's that long, but interesting so don't skip through!), we get a deep dive into their nocturnal married couple woes.  Towards the end, having sex while the director observes remotely is suggested and they carry through with it...

...but there's a catch.  A simple movie about a married couple breaking through to achieve pleasurable sex after years of failure is nice, but that would NOT be cuckolding and given the name of this movie, something else instead goes on.  This review will remain spoiler-free, but through a crafty plan and eager libidos by both husband and wife, their true desires of sex with strangers (her doing it, him watching) becomes just as real as their actual married status.

When you watch a movie like this by GOGOS, do not go in expecting some beautifully-shot production.  Keeping it real is their game-plan and they succeed in droves with it.  30 minutes of nothing but talking in a movie that runs 100 minutes may seem like a lot, but this greatly aids in immersion.  These two go from random married couple to people we can actually relate to.  The sex--at least the last part where the wife can run wild with the director while husband strolls in to watch--is fantastic.  This is what liberation is all about.  Thankfully, we have more like this on the way though not as much as I'd like as cuckolding still remains pretty niche within JAV Land.

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Overall Satisfaction


+Cuckolding in JAV is always a plus.
+Actress is super cute and a shoe-in for TSUBOMI.
+Extremely realistic thanks to big interview.


+Interview is long and some may not have the patience to watch it all.

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