Mature Women Unfaithful Onsen Getaway - Passionate Edition First Half

Published November 10, 2023

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With husbands simply out of the equation, married but lonely Japanese women go out of town to live out their until now secret desires.

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Mature Women Unfaithful Onsen Getaway - Passionate Edition First Half

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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The music that launches with this trailer is spot-on. Why? A tale we told in a previous review for this well done compilation from GOGOS. Today, we are back for the final time to show three samplings of what happens when sex-starved Japanese wives decide to risk it all to go on a weekend hot springs getaway.

But what about that music? More so in the previous release with older women (50's), it sets the early Heisei Era mood. In this edition, the last of the three GOGOS released not too long ago, the focus segues to PASSIONATE women. How this exactly differs from the previous ones is debatable though one thing is set in stone: the three in today and next week's double update are considerably younger. Mind you, not in their 20's and even early 30's may be pushing it, but MILFs they are, cougars they are not. And mature? Absolutely not.

The concept of these hot spring trips never gets old. While self-shot, the two resident directors at GOGOS totally nail it: crystal clear audio, great visuals, low on shaky camera vibes even when the play gets hot. If anyone reading this wants to shoot their own material, what this studio keeps on pushing out month after month should serve as a great guide. We want to see beauty, but we don't need nonstop super close-ups or awkward angles of chins and foreheads.

A brief review given how little new ground is covered in this one, but before bowing out, allow me to gush about the third wife. Sure, the two that precede are also easy on the eyes and your guess is as good as mind why their husbands just don't care, but good golly, that last one is near perfection; pale, naturally hairy, deep doe eyes, and passions you'd never think she'd possess until clothes are stripped and lights are dimmed.

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+Ideal for fans of cheating wives looking to get intimate at beautiful locations.
+All three are eye candy and this goes double for the last.
+This is self shot done right, folks.


-With pure self shot titles, there still are times having an extra hand on set would have been ideal.

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