Naked in School HD Uncensored

Published September 6, 2014

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Naked in School returns in HD and uncensored featuring a small town way out in the boonies trying to make do with bizarre nudist regulations with subtitles.

Naked in School HD Uncensored
Part One with English Subtitles

Two years is way too long and the message has been heard loud and clear. Naked in School Japan has finally returned! What's more, this marks the beginning of regular high-definition movies being added to Zenra and they'll almost all be uncensored to boot.

The concept of Naked in School has been explained very thoroughly in previous iterations: a decrease in Japan's population is sending the economy into hard times and the government is attempting to remedy its one-way ticket into dire straights via a gamut of questionably effective programs such as the aforementioned nudist school regulations.

Today's edition focuses on a bucolic farming village faced with its own decreasing population crisis. For those with sharp eyes, you'll notice the same set featured in previous Naked in School productions along with Futanari Village, National Nude Day, and even the infamous Human Farm returns. Japanese AV movies frequently will re-use big sets. If you see something done outside in a country setting, then this set almost certainly was used.

Storyline definitely is a weak point in this iteration of Japanese Naked in School, but it does make up for it and then some with its extra long running time pushing three hours. It also helps that the improved image quality and size due to filming in high definition has brought clarity to the delightful story of embarrassed Japanese nudists like nothing else. Mosaic also is not used due to a unique loophole in Japan's obscenity laws which will not be discussed here.

Split into several scenes, Naked in School Uncensored HD, starts with morning roll call featuring equally nude teachers who demand sexual satisfaction for tardiness and continues on with even lewder classroom antics for poor test results. Further scenes take place at the pool with some semi-private nudist swimming lessons and everyone gets back together for a late afternoon drama club orgy.

The morning roll call scene may be short, but certainly sets the stage for the salacious fun that this production entails. Embarrassed nudist students except for one who not only forgot to come to school naked, but arrived after the bell stand in file in front of their minuscule teaching staff consisting of three male instructors who like to bark orders. One such with a shaved head more akin to a Buddhist monk, but with a personality of an iron clad martinet instructs some of the stragglers to come up to the platform and perform fellatio on another student.

Fellatio is done prim and proper with all the nudists students looking on in a unique combination of curiosity, disgust, and embarrassment. Legs are crossed, arms held tight inadvertently squeezing large schoolgirl breasts together, and mouths hang open in awe--or want? Positioning means everything and the Japanese AV stars taking part in this bizarre school production have all the right tools to pull it off.

Classroom scenes number two and the first showcases yet another angry teacher. If you could not tell by now, a trend in this edition of Naked in School are teachers who enjoy doling out punishments. A little bit is fine, but with not one, but three scenes in a row following the same theme, the story does at time feel a little drab. A more varied mixture of ideas would of been nice. With a cast numbering twelve, a unique sexual education class that combines embarrassment with eroticism would have been fantastic, but sadly it's missing. We do receive a very impressive orgy at the end to make for it though.

Fans of nakadashi--or ejaculating without pulling out--are in for a treat. This edition of Naked in School not only features nothing BUT authentic nakadashi. A trick of the trade is to cut away after the actor supposedly orgasms with a close up--also known as a cream-pie. These situations usually do not use actual semen, but some type of substitute. This questionable editing trickery is not used. Here, the ejaculations and their dribbling finishes are all real.

Naked in School Uncensored HD--and what a wonderful name!--may lack some in the telling department, but is still a great production. It would have been nice to see scenes incorporate more story, but dialog still is pretty turgid at times. What's more, the final orgy gathering does have a meaning for taking place more than simply everyone wanting to have sex with each other: the drama club wants to rehearse for their entry into a contest and wants to do something that showcases their school's strange nudist policy.

Full and exclusive English subtitles are provided. For those looking to brush up their Japanese skills with brusque, ordering commands, watch closely. Those angry grumblings one hears often in Japanese TV and movies do usually have meaning. Although everyone remains naked at all times, only some mention of embarrassment due their required birthday suit attire is mentioned. Thus, unlike previous Naked in School editions, this unique Japanese farming village has had the program running for quite a long time...long enough to get to the point where schoolgirls and their classmates have no qualms about having raunchy unprotected sex with their teachers. Who knows--this Japanese nudist regulation could help turn this town around with a dramatic up-tick in country-dwelling nudists.

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Naked in School HD Uncensored
Part Two with English Subtitles

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