Pubic Hair Showcase Part One

Published May 30, 2015

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The first half of a massive four hour pubic hair showcase production featuring women from every Japanese prefecture with subtitles.

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The Pubic Hair Showcase of Japanese Women From All 47 Prefectures
Part One with English Subtitles (Part Two continued here.)

Did you know Japan has 47 prefectures (similar to states in America)?  Do you want to find out more about them?  Perhaps learn about regional botany, local history, and of course--famous cuisine?  If so, head to Wikipedia.  Each article there is chock full of interesting and true tidbits about the diversity that makes up Japan's nationwide jigsaw puzzle ending on an odd note.  What you will not find there, however, is much information relating to the anatomy of the peoples of Japan.  Well, you may find information about the Ainu which used to dominate the northern lands mainly in and around Hokkaido.  There's also the ingenious people that dwelt in Okinawa before Japanese settlement.  Then there's the migration of both Chinese and Korean peoples that began as early as the Kofun period and still exists somewhat even today.

All this leads to Japan--a nation that on one hand appears to be mainly homogeneous with only a minuscule percentage of foreign nationals as of this year--but in reality has for over a millennia been a genetic melting pot like no other.  What this leads to is an enormous amount of diversity amongst the modern Japanese.  Most may have the stereotypical straight black hair and pale skin with a slightly yellow Asian hue, but not all who claim full Japanese blood actually look like this.  This is not deceit on their accounts mind you.  People *are* different--even in Japan.  Some have kinky hair, very dark skin that would rival anyone from Laos, and noses with more vertical real estate than those from western Europe.

This extreme level of genetic mixing has also led to a uniqueness found further south on the human body.  Even pubic hair differs from person to person and what better way is there to appreciate it than an extra long 4 hour title by POOL CLUB, one of ZENRA's new studio partners?

THE PUBIC HAIR SHOWCASE OF JAPANESE WOMEN FROM ALL 47 PREFECTURES may be a lengthy title, but it's warranted.  This is a production that runs double the normal length of a Japanese AV title (and will be split into two parts on ZENRA).  It also stars a cast magnitudes more numerous than normal.  47--no, make that 48 as there is a special bonus at the end--women from across Japan take part in this interview and embarrassment-themed title.

Scenes obviously are short.  Even the less mathematically inclined heads can put 47 into 240 to find average scene length.  Most 'interviews' are in the 3-6 minute range.  A few are even shorter, but the longest goes for around 10 minutes.

Each scene follows a similar format:  an invisible interviewer whom we never see except for a rare detached hand talks to each female volunteer solely via on-screen captions (which are exclusively subtitled in English for ZENRA subscribers).  Questions are asked and requests are made.  This is not a hardcore title.  In fact, only a small number of the women taking part masturbate.  Most are real amateurs with barely an adult screen credit to their name and the act of stripping naked on camera while having one's most intimate private regions examined is already almost too much.  They're all good sports, though--even the extremely ashamed ones who spread their butt cheeks when asked so we can examine their pubic hair from the back...if they have any.

The variance in Japanese women taking part in POOL CLUB's opus to all things hairy was immense.  Some were hyper attractive pert adult video stars with faces many degrees beyond 'cute'.  Others had supermodel quality bodies.  Others...not so much.  However, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Simply seeing the same body type attached to a similar persona over and over again would be a bore.  With THE PUBIC HAIR SHOWCASE OF JAPANESE WOMEN FROM ALL 47 PREFECTURES, we see the gamut of Japan in stark naked and embarrassed female form with young bodies, old(er) bodies, thin bodies, fat bodies, bushy, trimmed, bare, and everything in between.  There really is something for everyone here.  Heck, if you like foreign women, then stick around as the 48th participant is from China and all her dialog is done in her native language (which we could not translate as we only do J <-> E).

We apologize to the small number of those reading this who prefer 'harder' contents.  This double-update of embarrassed Japanese women is all about the innocence of naked exploration.  These really are amateur women (for the most part) so jumping the gun with overt sexual activities wouldn't have been possible.  In fact, one of the participants was a virgin...and we don't mean this as a marketing ploy.  This participant actually visited the hospital before the shoot and received a signed document stating her hymen was still fully attached and undamaged!

Even if pubic hair isn't your thing, you should still consider watching part--or parts--of this fantastic POOL CLUB title.  A surprising number of Japan's most ambitious women are trim or totally bare.  Some rock the bush like one of the earlier volunteers from Aomori Prefecture, but a surprising number were quite far from the 'hairy Japanese woman' stereotype.  It's an adventure and it's only a jungle out there for *some* of those taking part.  Be prepared.



Format:  Name (Prefecture)

Part One:  Yun Kotori (Osaka), Miho Akimoto (Oita), Aki Horibe (Aomori), Natsumi Ikeda (Kouchi), Aya Hirosaki (Ehime), Shizuka Kanno (Iwate), Yuma Miyazaki (Yamagata), Miki Uchimura (Gunma), Juri Kohara (Kumamoto), Yuri Momoka (Nara), Tsugumi Hanasaki (Shizuoka), Haruka Itabashi (Hiroshima), Sara Matsumoto (Toyama), Akari Iida (Aichi), Tsukina Ikehata (Shimane), Anna Yoshimura (Mie), Ayaka Kurashina (Akita), Haruki Aoyama (Ishikawa), Reina Sakuraba (Nagano), Yuri Sakurai (Kagoshima), and Kokomi Takahashi (Kakagawa)

Part Two:  Yuuna Ouba (Miyazaki), Yuu Anzu (Yamanashi), Shizuka Mizutani (Tottori), Karin Yoshizawa (Saga), Natsumi Hasegawa (Tokushima), Yuuko Nakagawa (Niigata), Riko Tanabe (Shiga), Sae Shimada (Fukui), Ryou Hinami (Hyogo), Saori Kurokawa (Fukuoka), Sora Sanami (Ibaraki), Tomomi Maeda (Kanagawa), Hinata Kurusu (Tochigi), Misato Tokino (Gifu), Saki Kaida (Okayama), Misato Tanizawa (Kyoto), Yume Ayukawa (Yamaguchi), Aiko Miyazato (Okinawa), Shouko Minami (Miyagi), Miho Koshino (Wakayama), Senri Mashiba (Hokkaido), Kaori Yamazaki (Fukushima), Chinatsu Takahashi (Nagasaki), Rise Koujou (Chiba), An Orie (Saitama), Chisato Shouda (Tokyo), Reira Tsukishima (CHINA)


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1055

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