Asuka Souma - Nakadashi Done Right

Published July 6, 2022

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The best way to spend a lazy afternoon? Passionate raw sex of course! And of course pulling out is forbidden!

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Asuka Souma - Nakadashi Done Right
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Have you ever just wanted to have a lazy afternoon of unprotected sex with your significant other?  Or if you were not at that stage in your life, just a random girlfriend?  Or perhaps just a random someone you met on a dating app and didn't care about any risks?  What if you wanted to do it in your large decked out apartment with all the lights on so you can clearly see each other in ways most intimate?  And remember how you ordered that sex toy variety kit off the internet?  Eager to try them all out before you even consider having your own pants dropped for reciprocal action?  That's pretty much what goes down in today's update, NAKADASHI DONE RIGHT.

For awhile now, we've erred on translating 'nakadashi' as 'creampie' because that's what it is.  This time we're going to make an exception and keep the name as is.  See?  Even when watching JAV, you can still learn a thing or two.  "Nakadashi" in Japanese adult speak means pretty much only one thing and one thing only:  taking a big bottle of tarter sauce and squirting it all over your fried shrimp instead in a puddle next to--OK, just kidding.  We're talking creampies and that's what's on the menu in today's DREAMROOM update starring ASUKA SOUMA.

Not a known name, this actress who depending on angle reminds me a bit (very slightly, mind you!) of YUI HATANO appeared in a respectable amount of mostly uncensored JAV movies some years back.  Not caring for the mainstream and probably just eager to have some risky run before becoming an upstanding member of society, in NAKADASHI DONE RIGHT, we get a little over an hour of sex, sex, and a lot of it.  

There isn't too much of a plot here; mainly a lovey-dovey couple simply wanting to feel good together.  This was shot with a good crew who knows how to make a shoot look great.  The lighting is a bit bright, but that's standard fare for their intention.  My only larger than life issue is yet again we have too much focus on 'sex toy armada' play.  Nothing detracts from realism than 20+ minutes of the actor using multiple buzzing toys on his partner.  Pleasure should not be about how many devices one can use on another's private parts at the same time.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 581

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Professional JAV done right:  great lighting, great sex.
+Attractive actress especially for fans of extra pale women.
+Real creampie finish (it's in the name after all!).


-Sadly, the journey to great sex (see pro's) takes longer than ideal due to sex toy armada scene.

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