Suzune Yagami - Unfaithful Wife Opts for the Scenic Route

Published October 4, 2023

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From the concrete jungle of Tokyo to a real one a short car ride away! A most adventurous Japanese MILF eager to go all the way under a blue sky.

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Suzune Yagami - Unfaithful Wife Opts for the Scenic Route

Timing and Translation by JM84

There exist JAV movies that are by the books, safe, and routine. There are some that are hot messes. Some attempt to go all out and sometimes fall flat. Once in a blue moon, things just fall perfectly into place. Fortunately, what we get in today's riveting update criss-crossing Tokyo from the busy streets of downtown Shibuya to forests located way off the beaten path covers most everything one would want to see in a JAV and then some...and somehow does so while keeping it all around an hour!

SUZUNE YAGAMI is not what you'd call a known name. Not a true one-off amateur, but far from a storied JAV actress of yore. Older--forties at least--and the possessor sadly of bolt-ons when natural almost always is better, she comes to the table with a wee bit of baggage, but makes up for it with an incredible amount of passion. UNFAITHFUL WIFE OPTS FOR THE SCENIC ROUTE, a top-notch DREAMROOM release, nails showing off this fiery jukujo both behind the wheel, in the passenger seat, and also in the forest. Pleasure rides, pleasure sex, blowjobs behind the wheel, adoring nature with a raw pole thrusting in and out, and sweaty, sweaty real creampie car sex to even things out. This movie, ladies and gentlemen, really covers all bases.

It's going to be hard to locate any flaws in this release outside perhaps the actress's choice of enhancing her natural looks in ways only science can achieve. This one looks great, flows great, has scenery as varied as it gets, and is just wild fun from start to finish. We have another release with SUZUNE possibly shot almost at the same time and while she still is pretty outgoing in it, lacks the lightning in a bottle UNFAITHFUL WIFE OPTS FOR THE SCENIC ROUTE unleashed.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 470

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Really great use of travel and car sex.  Forest sex too!
+Very, very outgoing older actress.  Ones like these are rare.
+Real creampie finish.


-The bolt-ons can be almost too obvious depending on the angle.

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