Nana Oshikiri - The Housekeeper

Published February 20, 2019

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Simple and too the point uncensored JAV release by DREAMROOM about a slightly older and sexually frustrated housekeeper and her horny patron.

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Nana Oshikiri - The Housekeeper
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A release like THE HOUSEKEEPER starring everyone's favorite JAV star NANA OSHIKIRI is one of those "it is what it is" releases.  Oh, and the "everyone's favorite" mention is something of a joke as this cute actress only did a few titles--mostly uncensored--before quickly bowing out.  You can put her down as another one of those curious night workers who decided to get a bit naughty on camera for a few fat bank deposits before moving on with her life.

Intro's aside, THE HOUSEKEEPER is a nice title.  It's far from a thinking man's JAV; there's little in terms of dialog (though there are some on-screen captions in the beginning that we translated) and the plot is as bare-bones as you can get:  horny man hires a housekeeper to clean his cluttered apartment that of course happens to have porno mags laying around.  He takes a shower while curiosity gets the best of her and looks at said magazines while covertly touching herself.  He returns to the room naked (of course), slight bit of foreplay and awkwardness that leads to--of course--bareback sex with a real creampie.

NANA OSHIKIRI for me at least may not be a bona fide babe, but she's way up my alley.  I'm a fan of realistic girl-next-door types over women with 'impossible' bodies.  Seeing someone like NANA not only show arousal, but give a very dedicated blowjob followed by using her breasts in ways Mother Nature probably didn't intend left me more than satisfied.  The raw sex that came after also was done by the books--and that's a good thing, mind you.

NANA's got a slightly curvy, extremely attainable body.  She's the kind of woman you'd receive when ordering delivery health from a mid-tier establishment.  Will she win beauty awards?  Doubtful.  Will she be the source of a fierce number of erections?  That at least should be a given.

This is a simple update.  We're aware of that.  Consider it a breather from the extremely wacky release from the other day and the madness that lies just around the corner.  We at ZENRA aim to satisfy viewers with a melange of tastes by pushing out updates that run the JAV gamut.  Here's your real life housekeeper who goes the limit and then some with her customer.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 111

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