New Student Physical Examination Day First Half

Published April 6, 2020

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Japanese students are randomly selected for a medical exam, but are not separated into genders. A prank JAV of the highest order by SADISTIC VILLAGE.

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New Student Physical Examination Day First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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The last time it took a solid week to simply subtitle a JAV update let alone work on things like the review and image creation was an insanely popular taboo FFM threesome movie from last year.  Well, we almost outdid ourselves with this one, our second release by SADISTIC VILLAGE.  NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY, the first we'll be showing in their one-a-year series, is about as massive as it gets.  Perfect?  Not exactly, but they really nailed the school medical environment.  That, at least, is flawless.

SADISTIC VILLAGE--as the name implies--is a JAV studio that does not simply make vanilla movies.  They're not huge in name recognition for some reason, but this SOD Group maker now in its tenth year (give or take) produces a small number of big budget affairs each month.  A movie like today and Friday's double update is SV doing that they do best as it features a gargantuan cast, real medical instruments (and a treadmill!), and heaps upon heaps of embarrassed naked schoolgirls in front of attired men.

What they really nail yet again is the whole "has the whole world gone mad except for us?" trope.  All five Japanese schoolgirls throughout the entire 240 minutes of this have nonstop "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" looks etched onto their visages.  It's great as it completely goes against the chirpy yet inattentive vibe of the doctors and nurses and the not quite paying attention martinet teaching staff (including two relatively silent goons from the local Board of Education).  We see examination upon examination that will start normal, but as every female student receives attention, the sexual play increases slightly.  We go from a regular (albeit topless) heartbeat check to the doctor purposely grazing nipples of angry students.

Oh, and all the while the five schoolgirls are naked (or close to it) having their most intimate areas touched, prodded, and poked, we've underwear-clad male students closely watching.  NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY combines ire, embarrassment, accidental arousal, and all out pranking in a way you rarely see in JAV movies.  It may even be based somewhat on reality given the harrowing examples of actual Japanese teachers looking the other way when bullying occurs and only really clamping down on it when no other options exist (and even then, with minimal effort).

This is not a perfect title by any means.  It's a doozy and definitely one nearly anyone should watch, but I fear few will be able to consume its entire run-time in a sitting--or even split across multiple ones.  NEW STUDENTS, frankly speaking, is too long for its own good.  We essentially have a 180 minute title (at most) stretched out to a 240 minute one.  I don't think it was necessary to have each of the five schoolgirls receive all the examinations and the biggest offender of this was the last scene--the internal vagina, anus, and STD check--that ran over an hour.  You'll see what I mean when watching it.

And then there's the sex.

Sex with Japanese schoolgirls happens in NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY, but as the screenshots to the left imply, it sadly is not part of their medical examinations.  Having a surprised female go all the way with a male student or a doctor for some abnormal medicinal reason WHILE everyone watches with indifference would have been the perfect way to end this.  Instead, while we do get two sex scenes at the end, they're both short and take place after everyone is gone.  Not a perfect opportunity, but the filming of these scenes and the title overall was top-notch.  This is a picture-perfect movie with some great sound and a huge cast that makes the embarrassment as real as it gets.  The five JAV stars nailed their roles as did the two doctors who were a subtitling treat.

Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  Amazing setup, near perfect big-budget affair.  Nailed embarrassed and naked.
Con's:  Too long for its own good.  Sex scenes shoehorned in.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2298

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