At Home Student Exploration with Shion Natsume

Published October 14, 2015

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

GUTS takes a softer and lightly comedic approach to AV with kinda sorta Japanese schoolgirl Shion Natsume and her big breast complex.

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At Home Student Exploration with Shion Natsume
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A good deal of us from both genders are rather self-conscious of how we look.  It's part of human nature wanting to look one's best--to look what we believe is right and close to as perfect as we can be.  Natsume Shion, a well-known AV star from not that long ago is no exception.  In spite of being the possessor of a rather voluptuous body with very mountainous breasts, she is far from satisfied.

And this goes double for her chest which may look perfect to any gentleman with a sound mind, but for her are simply too big.  Her worries about her mammaries is the theme of this surprisingly soft and somewhat comedic title by GUTS, a very ambitious Japanese AV studio from yesteryear that dabbled in a variety of different genres from all sides of the adult video spectrum.

It's hard to imagine that the same company involved (to some extent) with last week's lesbian S&M release also was the same one that bankrolled AT HOME STUDENT EXPLORATION with SHION NATSUME.  They're so incredibly different from each other you'd think they were released by two entirely unique entities...

...and they kind of were.  You see, your average Japanese AV production company itself usually does not have much direct focus in what actually gets released.  In other words, the actual production crew is usually on freelance.  The AV companies--both then and now--usually operate on a skeleton staff of office workers that hire the crew for a title they have an idea for.  The exact story-lines and execution are usually left up to the director who does what he can given the (usually) meager budget given to him.  Results may vary.  There have been great titles produced this way and at times titles less than mediocre.

The releases by GUTS fortunately veer on the 'good' category and AT HOME STUDENT EXPLORATION is no exception.  Natsume Shion has good stage presence and seems to enjoy playing a schoolgirl with quite a few body issues on hand.  We see her mindlessly voicing negative opinions about her chest before eagerly showing them off.

We see her invite an older man who helps massage them in order to make them smaller (didn't work) before they decide on sex being the final treatment (definitely didn't work).  Other scenes are just as playful--if not salacious--such as the shower masturbation scene which she does while talking into the camera about her self-pleasure habits.  This was a great scene due to building up the eroticism slow but steady.  Seeing Shion Natsume in a string bikini while playfully resting against the edge of a small bathtub in a tiny Japanese unit bathroom was eye candy.

Today's update at ZENRA may not be world-shattering, but we do know the merits of showcasing something light-hearted every so often.  AT HOME STUDENT EXPLORATION is as guilt-free and playful as one can get in Japanese AV.  Shion Natsume played her part fantastically and even was a little teary-eyed at the title's conclusion when you in POV form ejaculated all over her face instead of her breasts.  

"This is the first time someone came on a place that wasn't my breasts," she said while wiping away tears.  It's kind of amusing to see someone get so worked up over the direction of an ejaculation, but it does serve as a fitting conclusion to this fun release.

On the horizon there are some harder releases planned that provide an extreme volte-face to the simplicity and playfulness that is AT HOME STUDENT EXPLORATION so let this update serve as a tasteful break before the storm of what's to come makes itself known.

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