Aya Otosaki in The Limits of Sensitivity

Published August 3, 2016

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Highly popular Japanese AV star Aya Otosaki of yesterday goes purely masochistic in a title combining mourning with medicine and even a dungeon by GUTS.

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Aya Otosaki in The Limits of Sensitivity
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We're sure there are some 'older' subscribers and fans of ZENRA who were just as into Japanese AV a decade past as they still are today.  We can't be the only ones who remember all those Usenet newsgroups with some very well known scanners making famous what those outside of Japan had no idea even existed.  Back then information and media about popular AV stars was extremely hard to come by if you didn't live in the country, but what we saw was fantastic.

In particular, the early 2000's saw the rise of quite a few prominent AV stars whom although are almost all retired (as far as we know the only AV star from that era still active is YUMI KAZAMA), still resonate strongly with long-term fans of the genre.

On one hand, titles back then frequently were a bit more hokey and campish.  Not all mind you, but not every release was super focused on sex from start to finish which is much more common today.  Another reason why long-term fans are oft to prefer the stars of yesteryear is the same reason why there are so many "90's" memes nowadays:  nostalgia.

We can't deny the latter does not affect us when we select titles to add to ZENRA.  It doesn't take a sharp eye to notice many of our Wednesday releases (like this one!) are essentially 'classic Japanese AV'.  Now's a great time to love AV, but let's not forget its roots.  Besides, even with adult video where budgets per release were never all that grand, older titles don't necessarily mean cheaper titles...

...well, if you go back to the 80's and 90's then yes, budgets were close to zero for many productions and it does show.  However, already by the early 2000's when today's update, AYA OTOSAKI in THE LIMITS OF SENSITIVITY, was released the amount of money being injected into the industry on a per title basis was actually HIGHER than it is now.  Models, staff, and even poor AD's got paid more than they make now so yes, going back some into the past of Japanese adult video is naught a bad idea from time to time.

AYA OTOSAKI had a career lasting several years and bowed out of the industry in 2004.  Back then careers lasting more than a year or two were considered lengthy and hers was about double that length making her at the time an 'industry veteran'.  Nowadays we're seeing some of the big names hanging on even longer becoming 'industry legends' which is commendable in its own right, but you can't deny frequently having to look one's best while pushing oneself through the rigors of sexual extremis on a regular basis can't be good on the body.

AYA probably had a lot of fun over the four years she spent as an AV star and finally called it quits when she felt the time was right.  Titles like THE LIMITS OF SENSITIVITY showcased a very masochistic side of her featuring three scenes (plus one extended interlude) that can be considered totally separate stories.

Since LIMITS OF SENSITIVITY is more of a collection of tales with a mildly similar masochistic theme, we can't classify this title as a 'document AV' which are AV movies that have more of a slow, but steady build-up to a powerful finale.  Here, the first scene already concludes with nakadashi though we're calling shenanigans on it as there was a suspicious screen-cut before the actual finish.  If the camera suddenly changes right before an actor is supposedly about to finish inside without pulling out, most likely a lucky/poor AD coated the inside of the AV star's vagina with hair conditioner or something else that resembles jizz.

Mild criticisms aside, THE LIMITS OF SENSITIVITY was a pretty decent title.  We can't call it one of the best movies of the period it was released in and most likely AYA OTOSAKI has better titles filmed, but it's one those curious about AV's of yesteryear that followed a non-linear approach should find interesting.  We've at least one more title starring AYA OTOSAKI released by GUTS, the same production company that put out today's update.  Thus, if AYA and her above average derriere causes stiffness where it's most appreciated, then stick around awhile.

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