Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women - YS Retirement Special 6

Published September 27, 2021

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Our final outing with YS, the ultimate Japanese lesbian massage therapist. After dozens of updates, we send her off in this bittersweet swan song of a release.

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Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women - YS Retirement Special 6
Timing by Patanyon
Translation by ZENRA

After almost 30 updates and concluding almost five years to the day (!) we showed the first one, today marks our final YS-helmed AOYAMA update.  Pushing almost 90 scenes and 60 hours, YS has mastered 'lesbian massage therapist' like nobody's business.  Sure, GOGOS did not invent the genre, but dare I say it:  they perfected it!  Really, the only thing that has ever held this series back was their stubborn insistence to keep shooting it in SD in spite of everything else by them and other studios at the time being filmed in higher picture quality.  That, and nothing else (OK, pixels, but let's get real here).

This may come as old news for long-time fans of the series who have been reading these reviews, but mannerisms of the masseuse are paramount.  This--NOT client reactions--are what can turn a good scene into a great scene.  Remember, the client for the most part is supposed to remain still as she's the receiver of pleasure.  Just like how femdom in JAV can be ruined by an actress who can't handle a lead role properly, a lesbian massage JAV can be trashed by an actress who can't believably act like a therapist and all the best ones know how to treat a client while talking at the same time.  YS masters this.  YS masters being sexy.  YS knows where the cameras are (you think in every scene that has her placing the client's shoes under the treatment bed she isn't purposely sticking out her butt for a free panty-shot without realizing it?).  YS knows how to move her hands, how to move her machines, how to elicit accidental orgasm after accidental orgasm, and knows just the right times to push AOYAMA into fourth-wall breaking territory.

After so many clients, the time has came for her to seek other activities.  Not much of an active JAV star (aside from AOYAMA, she only did a handful of somewhat tame BDSM movies and only has one movie to her name featuring her having heterosexual coitus), my money's on her certainly being involved in Japan's water trade.  Perhaps working at a BDSM bar or something like that.  Now?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Still active there?  Some type of mama-san?  Or has she totally left the industry for more mainstream work engagements?

YS RETIREMENT SPECIAL 6 runs the same length as regular AOYAMA updates from before we split her final scenes grouped with other therapists into individual updates.  We get three clients and thankfully diversity is in full effect here:  the first, my favorite due to her super thick lower body to the point it almost overpowers her upper half, is insanely adorable and surprisingly bare between the legs.  The next in her late twenties is the most down to the earth of the trio and serves as a great bridge both in looks (kind of curvy, kind of busty) and personality.  The final is a housewife in her early forties that fans of older Japanese will absolutely love.  She may lack the bodies of the previous two clients, but her reactions are what I love most about this series:  nonstop accidental "what's going on here?" arousal leading to an almost nonstop orgasm finale as the Aroma Sonic sings its siren song.

As we've noted before, around AOYAMA 101 onward, GOGOS began experimenting with other actresses to fill YS's shoes.  Sadly, they nearly all fell flat.  Some were cute, but just didn't nail what was needed to be a successful JAV lesbian massage therapist and others...well, yea.  There was one, however, I think did a pretty good job who fortunately did a total of three scenes that we will be packaging together as an update at a later date though beyond that, unless GOGOS plans to revive it, this series will finally be put to rest.  Until then, please enjoy what we have and perhaps before watching YS RETIREMENT SPECIAL 6, pray for a wonderful afterlife for the Aroma Sonic.  Maybe it will have another time to spin its 3000 RPM of estrogen-inducing magic.

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+YS's final curtain call.  Bittersweet in the best of ways.
+Lesbian massage in JAV has never been better.
+First client's lower body is out of this world.


-Only the second scene features the 'hot sponge'.
-Sadly, YS doesn't strip down for demonstrations as she's done in the past.

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