Ai Uehara - Cheating Wife Sacrifices Her Anus

Published December 25, 2020

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With debt that needs to be paid, newly married Ai Uehara decides to use her body including her anus to make things right.

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Ai Uehara - Cheating Wife Sacrifices Her Anus
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Does AI UEHARA's appearance in CHEATING WIFE SACRIFICES HER ANUS mark her final title at ZENRA?  Sadly, this may be true.  Retired and now seemingly attempting to pivot to a more mainstream career, her days of performing sans raiment are a thing of the past.  She's appeared in too many movies to count and it's always possible we may license more, but that remains a big 'if' given our site credos of veering towards picking out movies for WHAT they're about rather than WHO is in them.

AI UEHARA has starred in ORGA movies almost as much as YUI HATANO has and like YUI, I think if you factor in today's update, we've shown everything she has appeared in.  Plot-wise, this isn't my favorite work by her; that will forever remain that incredibly moving schoolgirl arranged marriage movie shot by ORGA's original owner.  What we get in CHEATING WIFE is a bit closer to what we've seen in other USABA-helmed titles:  debt, the mob, and an unusual and quite salacious way to pay it back.  This time instead of sex with an audience, we get AI going one-on-one again and again with a customer played by none other than SHIMIKEN.

The biggest selling point to this movie is in the name:  ANUS.  Yes, on top of bounteous amounts of anal play in one of those never-ending sex toy armada scenes that JAV movies seem to rely on a bit too much, the final scene features some of the best anal sex ever captured.  I don't know how much is AI UEHARA simply acting and how much is her real natural reactions to being impaled via the back door, but it left me impressed.  Those screams, those bellows, those orgasms were some of the most intense I've ever seen in a JAV movie.  What's more, while bed-shakingly powerful, I never got the impression she was over-acting.  This could have been the real deal.

I'm not sure if I can consider AI UEHARA to have the best acting chops (none will ever surpass MIKI SUNOHARA), but she did well here.  I could believe she was a housewife up to no good to salvage her father's inability to pay his dues.  What I'd love to see though is a different take on this where her herbivorous husband was made aware of her plight.  In this alternate version, AI would tell him about the debt and how she has decided to sell her body to various customers in order to pay it off.  Seeing those domestic scenes unfold would have added a new twist to a theme that's admittedly almost overdone.

You can't go wrong with an ORGA drama movie.  It's almost unfair to normal JAV when putting this up for comparison.  The camera-work is near cinematic, the pixels are as small as they come, and AI is as beautiful and naturally curvy as ever.  I can't say I'm the biggest fan of anal sex, but she sure sold me on it via her impeccable performance.

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+AI UEHARA going above and beyond.
+Top-tier production values.


-Overused plot.
-Anal toy armada scene overstays its welcome.