Hiroko is Pushing 50

Published June 24, 2015

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Unfaithful Japanese wife a few years short of being fifty decides to satisfy her sexual cravings by entering the AV industry with subtitles.

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Hiroko is Pushing 50
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Not everyone tires with age.  This goes double for some and triple for more.  For Hiroko, age 45?  Quadruple?  More, perhaps?

The bored-housewife-with-husband-that-is-too-busy story has been done many a time in Japanese AV.  Sure, it can be considered old news, but presentation is always important.  If it's shown right, if it stars the right woman, and it succeeds in showing her untapped sexuality in a sumptuously adult setting, then there's really nothing to complain about.

Hiroko is this woman.  She is the housewife who gives and gives both platonically via domestic upkeep and erotically as well.  Her husband doesn't care...or at least it seems that way going by the groupings of interviews intertwined in this wonderful title by GUTS.

HIROKO IS PUSHING 50 is not entirely accurate.  According to the initial interview, she's still not even 45.  She'll be there soon enough, but it's better to consider her a finely made Japanese woman in her 'early' forties.  However, calling her 50 on the box cover does make more heads turn as she certainly looks much younger.  She may have the face of someone who spent many years of her youth out and about sans SPF 50, but her body is still certain eye candy.

Pale with nicely sized breasts barely without any sag and as her paramour notes, 'no veins' either, Hiroko does have physical assets to be truly proud about.  She's embarrassed however.  Leaving the comfort of one's home to satisfy intimate sexual desires--untapped desires mind you--and do it all while a camera is filming takes a lot of guts.

Speaking of guts, the aptly named production company behind this release has many other titles of a similar nature that mainly feature real Japanese amateur wives.  A few feature known AV stars of the era, but Hiroko really is a one-off amateur.  She appeared in this title and although showed interest in working in more, has apparently opted to return to a quiet camera-less life.  It's safer and many other prospective adult video actresses do the same.  Being in front of the camera doing the naughty over and over again takes an extreme amount of fortitude.

Fortunately for HIROKO IS PUSHING 50, fortitude is there in droves.  This isn't a total submissive wife production.   One scene in particular features Hiroko taking the lead.  There, clad in her birthday suit, she washes a very fortunate AV actor (played by Masahiro Ueda) including ample focus on his erection.  Hands are soon switched with a mouth and you probably know where this goes.

Compared with a previous 'lonely' wife release shown on ZENRA a few months ago, this production is a bit lighter with erotic play.  Elements of bondage are absent.  However, fans of maids being lewd with their masters will enjoy the final scene.  Also, compared with Yukiko from the previous release who was only 30 which brings her milf status into question, Hiroko, well into her forties, is without a doubt a milf.  In fact, the original title of this production in Japanese translates closer to 'Loving Old Women'.  However, calling Hiroko 'that' would be a tad rude (although she had no problems signing the model release that had the name of the title right under her John Hancock).

Will we see Hiroko again in Japanese AV?  Highly doubtful.  She'd definitely be in her fifties now and probably looks back at her time in this great shoot as one of erotic embarrassment.  Gosh knows what would happen if her friends found out!  Either way, milfs over forty rarely have appeared on ZENRA and we're glad to now have the opportunity to feature a whole group of them.  Hiroko's one of the first and there are many more of various shapes and sizes coming in the future.  As always, full and exclusive English subtitles are burned in for your viewing comprehension.  With the heavy interview scenes, you'll be thankful for it.

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