Young Step-Mothers Volunteer for Embarrassing Art Class 2 Part One

Published May 13, 2019

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ROCKET returns with another edition of voluptuous young step-mothers taking part in the wildest art class of their lives.

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Young Step-Mothers Volunteer for Embarrassing Art Class 2 Part One
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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When subtitling the first iteration of this wacky JAV art series, I had a feeling it would be popular, but little did I know it would become one of our most popular updates of the year--matching, if not surpassing the fan-favorite guessing game series.  With that in mind, we absolutely went back and licensed from ROCKET the sequel (and the only one so far...) to YOUNG STEP-MOTHERS VOLUNTEER FOR EMBARRASSING NUDE ART CLASS.

ART CLASS 2 already takes the insanity we saw previously and amps it up a few notches.  The final scene is almost 45 minutes of nonstop sex featuring multiple creampies with a trio of caterwauling young mothers screaming about how they're ovulating and need to get pregnant.  Yep, it's one of those movies.

As a major JAV fanboy, my favorite director is TAROU KAMBE.  He may just be the most perverted person in Japan today and not only does he have an extremely prurient and abnormal imagination, he's also a really good JAV director.  This guy knows good lighting, great camerawork, and sound.  Be it ROCKET titles or his previous tenure at V&R, if his name is attached to the title, you're going to get weirdness *and* quality.  That's a great combination if you ask me.

YOUNG STEP-MOTHERS VOLUNTEER FOR EMBARRASSING ART CLASS 2 definitely shares similarities to that amazing massage school update also from last year.  That again was directed by Mr. Kambe and themes from there such as overprotective matrons played by extra voluptuous actresses and tons of unusual taboo sex play return with gusto in today and Friday's double update.  Even something so banal as masturbating in front of an audience looks fantastic here:  the level of eroticism each actress exuded while playing with herself was stellar.  Sure, they're almost certainly 'acting' it up, but you don't go into a title like this expecting any level of realism.

Fortunately, glory holes return again and this time elements borrowed from the PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME:  while stark naked, each young mother is given a canvas and brush and told to absolutely NOT look up and to identify the correct penis.  Unlike the GUESSING GAME, this isn't the entire theme of the title nor scene and things quickly turn into 'poke the erection with your brush' while laughing amongst your naked friends.  And THAT leads to erotic stimulation while painting and at least one accidental ejaculation (!).

Sure, the creampies in the final scene are most likely fake.  This title may have mosaic, but even someone who's partially blind can see the actors are definitely wearing rubbers.  The sex itself is real and is absolutely bonkers.  There's one instance during that 'taboo creampie ejaculation event' finale that reminded me a lot of a scene from MATRIX RELOADED:  you've Otonashi-san riding in front with two amazing encounters going on behind her in concert.  Think the really cool slow-motion part of the fight in the Merovingian's mansion, but sexier.

And speaking of KAORI OTONASHI, if there's one mild nitpick I can make about EMBARRASSING ART CLASS 2, it's the focus spent on her.  Sure, she's pretty and very vocal, but I'd of loved to see the camera spend equal time on all three women rather than almost half the footage being OTONASHI-focused.  If anything, each actress brought something physically unique to the table:  KAORI OTONASHI with her fantastic butt, NAO MIZUKI with her insanely feminine figure, and NOZOMI MIKIMOTO who's really just larger than life no matter how you look at her.  NOZOMI by and far would be a dream-come-true for those harboring giantess fantasies.

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