Iori Mizuki - Passion Continent

Published October 16, 2019

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Iori Mizuki has no regrets about doing JAV and is eager to show off her vocation in this uncensored DREAMROOM release.

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Iori Mizuki - Passion Continent
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Earlier this year when we released MIO KIMIJIMA in PASSION CONTINENT, we should've done our research to find out why that title had such an unusual name.  Well, as we are now showing yet another uncensored JAV release from the same maker with the same moniker, we looked into this some more and have an answer.


Yea, we were a bit confused first as it's not really a series that pushes humor like that other DREAMROOM parody we showed also earlier this year, FOUNTAIN OF SEMEN.  So perhaps 'parody' is pushing it here.  Homage, perhaps?  Either way, PASSION CONTINENT, the JAV series, emulates a popular Japanese TV series that pretty much has the same name.  In that long-running series, each episode will feature someone extremely skilled at what they do.  They'll be interviewed about how they began and achieved their vocation along with showing them in action.  PASSION CONTINENT, the JAV, simply does that with adult video actresses.  MIO KIMIJIMA already was well known so her title was more of a retirement quickie than something grander.  Today's with IORI MIZUKI is a bit more fleshed out and it shows.  It even has scene changes...kinda.

The biggest thing I noticed about subtitling was just how long those two interviews were.  Combined, they run almost 30 minutes (!), but were pretty interesting and covered a lot of topics from tidbits about her private life to her voracious sexuality and reasons for doing JAV.  Around this time I did the research to find out it was a parody/homage and then understood why the director included such hefty talking pieces in the type of mosaic-free movie that usually features significantly less of them.

IORI MIZUKI is not super well known and that's a shame.  She really is beautiful and did almost 70 censored titles plus a handful of uncensored ones towards the end of her career.  Given her age and looks, more often than not she was given schoolgirl roles which she expressed acceptance about during those huge interviews.  After all, it's not like someone who's not even 20 yet is going to be cast as a wife or a young mother...or even a nurse!  Someone her height playing a nurse?  Not gonna happen!

IORI MIZUKI in PASSION CONTINENT has a lot going for it though the fantastic lighting in both interviews--the first via great studio lights and the latter done with this author's favored natural light solution--seemed to vanish during both sex scenes.  They were a bit too dark at times and in perfect bare-bones 'we only got enough to pay the actress and barely a dime more' DREAMROOM fashion, both of those scenes were shot in the same exact place.  A *little* variety would have been nicer.  You also see IORI being impaled by that super ogrish older man we last showed in an otherwise fantastic delivery health update.  I mean if you generally don't care what actors look like, he's alright, but he looks like the kind of guy who smells like cigarettes and crushed dreams.  They could of got someone else to do it--someone younger and more charismatic as IORI hinted was her type in interview number two.

While casting and set choices were a bit more miss than hit, IORI is cute as she comes and has a fantastic body:  perfectly-sized breasts and a formidable lower body including a very nice-sized butt.  Those doggystyle and reverse cowgirl portions in particular show a wonderful figure that was mourned by the domestic Japanese market when she announced her retirement and left the industry...for good?

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