Mio Kimijima - Passion Continent

Published May 8, 2019

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Retirement is meaningless in JAV! Uncensored via DREAMROOM.

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Mio Kimijima - Passion Continent
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

MIO KIMIJIMA is a bit of enigma.  Did you know this 32 year-old originally debuted *way* back in 2005 (barely, as she only had one December release that year) and remained active through a smorgasbord of stage-names--most notably KAEDE KYOMOTO--through 2015 give or take?  Already a beauty, she decided her body needed a recharge and more.  2015 saw her retire only to return two years later with a new nose in tow and as of writing this, remains incredibly active.  With the amount of name changes she's had, "retirement" doesn't seem like something she really takes seriously as she has more "retirement titles" than I've time-shares.

PASSION CONTINENT was supposed to be a retirement title.  It was supposed to be THE retirement title...I think.  It was billed as one and even featured "RETIREMENT" in big, bold Kanji on its cover.  It meant business.  If you wanted one final uncensored peek at this beautiful JAV star of many names, this release was supposed to be it!  DREAMROOM got out their big guns for this:  an incredibly handsome, fit, and charismatic actor barely out of graduate school, an upscale studio with an incredible view, and the director/makeup artist/accountant/doorman/caterer (hey, in uncensored JAV staff members often perform multiple jobs!) even fetched a glorious bouquet of fresh flowers for the scene's final tearful moments.

I wish I could say PASSION CONTINENT is a fantastic retirement title.  In reality, it's not.  It's not poor either, mind you.  But if you hear "retirement" and "uncensored JAV" and are hoping for something a bit more grandiose like MONBU RAN's, you're going to be disappointed.  MIO KIMIJIMA is beautiful and has a body that's near flawless and both the lighting and camerawork are pretty good.  The sound is horrible.  There I said it.  While we do try to pick great movies, minor technical blips may slip through the cracks and the sound-man (or lack of one) may be a major sticking point for those who watch adult video with speakers turned up.  You will notice some irregularities in PASSION CONTINENT.  It didn't hurt the subtitling process, but if you've sensitive ears, consider this a warning.

Before starting working on this title, I couldn't help notice just how similar pre-nosejob MIO KIMIJIMA and AKEMI HORIUCHI look.  AKEMI we just added to ZENRA with our previous update so having back-to-back beauties is always warranted.  While MIO's first (and probably far from last given her insane work ethic!) outing with us was OK, we expect to show more from her with much increased production values.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 183

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