Rino Asuka - The Fountain of Semen First Half

Published June 26, 2019

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An uncensored parody of a Japanese holistic TV show via DREAMROOM featuring a sexually confused nurse with an unholy color spectrum.

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Rino Asuka - The Fountain of Semen First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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Just how we recently showed a ROCKET update that was the perfect example of a JAV studio firing on all cylinders, we return again with back-to-back-to-back (because that ROCKET title and this one are both double updates!) releases that are a continued example of JAV maker success.  And this time it's uncensored.

More often than not, I've been critical of some of the production shortcuts DREAMROOM takes.  Regardless of which of their sites pushes out the release, they're not known for big budget affairs.  Rather, it's vanilla sex with a minimal amount of staff to make it happen.  For reasons beyond my ken, THE FOUNTAIN OF SEMEN VARIETY HOUR is a movie they decided to put much more effort into than normal.  The set is huge, the staff and actors are many, I believe an actual boom mic was used (!), and in spite of this being a title originally shot over a decade ago, the picture quality is *better* than even their most recent releases.  Seriously, I'm no production wizard, but I'm awfully confused as to why this FOUNTAIN looks better than their modern day output.

THE FOUNTAIN OF SEMEN was released to coincide with the "thank gosh it's over" spiritual boom that was plaguing Japanese prime-time TV in the late 2000's.  I don't know how it started nor why it was a thing, but for a few years, you had these slightly older "gurus" reading the "auras" of people and giving them advice.  FOUNTAIN is a parody JAV movie about one of the more popular series (that still is on today believe it or not) called Fountain of Auras.  The most notable cast member--and someone you may have seen on a recent trip to Japan and remained awfully confused about--is AKIHIRO MIWA.  Now in his seventies (or eighties?), he cross-dresses and wears an unnaturally blonde wig.  If you ever wanted to see a JAV that parodies him (all four of you!), then here ya go!

Really though, THE FOUNTAIN OF SEMEN is a fantastic movie.  Even the second half which is pretty much an hour long gangbang was done in a comedic way more akin to MOBSTERS than the clock-in clock-out ogrish actor train DREAMROOM titles are known for.  They did good with this one.  The first half contains multiple segments commencing with a sexual-themed interview and later includes a surprise guest who owns a successful massager company.  So yes, even though toys are used with almost reckless abandon, they're being done for a good reason:  to exorcise bad spirits and to clean up RINO ASUKA's foul aura.

This is a bizarre title, but it's done so well I'm still surprised it's NOT a ROCKET release.  You'd think given its production company this would be five minutes of talk followed by rather straight-forward sex, but the campiness remains to the very end.  Even that blonde wig stays on the whole time!  I'm not sure how popular RINO ASUKA was or still is today and while she may not be in my top ten list, she did a fantastic job of playing a naive yet hyper sexual nurse and her transformation by evil spirits at the end of the first half was truly believable.

THE FOUNTAIN OF SEMEN features multiple 'exorcisms' via real internal ejaculation.  You have been warned!

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