Aki Sasaki and Miko Komine - A Showa Tale Forbidden Pleasures

Published September 21, 2018

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Drama JAV by ORGA taking place decades past starring Aki Sasaki and Miko Komine.

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Aki Sasaki and Miko Komine - A Showa Tale of Forbidden Pleasures

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There's definitely a fine line between doing drama, doing an adult video, and then trying to do something that has elements of both. In other words, doing a drama JAV title. ORGA, being one of the few Japanese AV production companies that push out pretty much nothing but dramatic movies that focus both on story and sex are a unicorn in this industry that increasingly focuses more on harder and straight-forward acts. While their titles of course feature oodles of adult elements, you can still rest easy knowing you'll also be treated to a good story. This goes double when it's a title directed by their owner, TEI JAGA. He's the guy who directed CRIME AND PUNISHMENT along with the three other SHOWA TALE titles we've shown so far.

Today's update, however, while taking place in the Showa Period and directed by someone who generally cares a whole lot about story, is more of a well-shot JAV title first and foremost with the slightest bit of story tacked on later. However, saying A SHOWA TALE OF FORBIDDEN PLEASURES is a bad title is wildly incorrect. It's not bad. Not at all. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a great JAV with a tale that will keep you spellbound, this may not be it.

It's still great and stars the insanely beautiful AKI SASAKI who apparently is in her late thirties though I along with many others are calling shenanigans on that. She debuted only a few years ago and while JAV stars almost always lie down about their ages, the opposite often holds true for those who make their career entrances as older women. There you'll have women in their early thirties saying they're already pushing forty.

AKI is joined by ZENRA newcomer MIKO KOMINE whom while may not totally match AKI in looks, makes up for it with vigor. Her facial expressions in particular in the tail end of the second scene were fantastic. I loved how happy she looked while giving her first time client a voracious handjob. Her eyes were literally twinkling!

The bulk of FORBIDDEN PLEASURES is the final FFM threesome. The actual Japanese title has that in the name and it is the surefire main event here. Again, while I'd loved to have seen a threesome that 'felt' more old school, what we got instead was something a bit more standard fare for modern Japanese AV. That isn't bad, mind you. All the positions are there plus a few I didn't even knew existed. However, since this is a period piece, something like the bizarre zuiki belt and panties from AI UEHARA's Showa title would have been really cool.

A SHOWA TALE OF FORBIDDEN PLEASURE is a good title. What it lacks in story it makes up for in pretty much all other ways. AKI SASAKI is natural beauty whom I could stare at for hours and hours. And did you know she's a mother? No, I didn't read her interviews, but stretch marks don't lie!


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers: this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan. We would like to know your impressions of this production. Did you like it? Did you not? Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out. Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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