Aya Kisaki - Wife Without Boundaries

Published September 20, 2017

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Aya Kisaki finds new and rather perverted ways to alleviate the household budget in a wacky title that goes hardcore partway through by DREAMROOM.

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Aya Kisaki - Wife Without Boundaries
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WIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES was a very unexpected treat to work on though it seemed to find predictable solace in standard fare hardcore JAV tropes in its third act.  That's the gist of this wacky (at least in the beginning) title by DREAMROOM starring the pale AYA KISAKI whom by chance and nothing more appeared on ZENRA just a month ago as a furiously masturbating nudist.  

Leave it to Japanese housewives--especially the 'full-time' kind--to find ways to cut corners.  The household budget is their perennial enemy and any way to lessen its burden over her and her husband's lives is always welcome.  AYA KISAKI fits squarely into this stereotype as we see her reading one of the countless numbers of housewife-oriented magazines.  This one, however, contains rather bizarre and at times perverted suggestions:

"Instead of throwing away your old and dirty undergarments, you can sell them as is...!"
"Instead of recycling old phones, you can use them as adult-use vibrators."
"After masturbating with vegetables, skin them and put them in meals."

All these tips and more AYA tries and they're all met with resounding success by her salaryman husband who doesn't know any better.  He praises her, but being the standard dominant oaf, it's sexy play right after dinner with an extended time in the bedroom afterword.

The first half...no, the first third of WIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is a really zany take on the Japanese housewife trope.  We really liked it and were hoping the more sexual portions of this release would stack up.  Alas, once sex did begin--from the dining room blowjob onward, the title began to feel pretty standard for a DREAMROOM release.  After all, this massive studio is known less for groundbreaking movies and more for titles that are uncensored.

Also being one of their works originally released on their flagship site, the runtime for a 'full release' is a short 66 minutes.  We're not ones to criticize shorter AV releases; many of our Wednesday updates fit this mold.  However, we feel like the abridged runtime made the title feel rushed.  Some pre-planning and smarter editing could have made WIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES feel fuller while keeping the length just as short.  Some of our GUTS releases are the same length, but feel 'fuller'.

Sound is another issue frequent readers of our reviews (we know there's at least a dozen of you out there!) know we often talk a lot about.  Uncensored titles usually have smaller production teams to keep cost low (as they already pay massive bank to get a JAV star to agree to perform sans mosaic) and the first thing that's cut is the makeup artist followed by a sound guy.  Thus, you're often left with titles where the women remain kind of audible thanks to their naturally high-pitched voices, but actors who sound muted and brusque in the worst of ways.  We did our best with this AYA KISAKI, the housewife gone weird.  We had our audio cranked higher than normal and closed our windows.  The secretary was instructed not to vacuum during the subtitling.  Still, there were times where we had little options but to guesstimate what the actor was saying and even a few time we couldn't even do that.  Our apologies.

We're sensitive with sound issues, but lighting-wise and even acting-wise, WIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is a pretty solid release.  The picture looks great and AYA KISAKI really, really loves to have sex.  This release may be one of the few times where we feel the actress was literally having the brains screwed out of her and was enjoying every minute of it.  You may wish to wear headphones during the final act...she gets rather loud.

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