The Salacious Awakening of Yukiko

Published May 13, 2015

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An unfulfilled Japanese wife seeks to satisfy her untapped sexuality by boldly taking part in an actual AV production with subtitles.

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The Salacious Awakening of Yukiko
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It comes as no surprise that the extreme work ethics many in Japan commit to is a bona-fied relationship destroyer.   Putting in the extra hours without a shred of monetary gratitude (also known as 'service' overtime) is a holdover from Japan's more prosperous era where showing 'face' for extended periods of time really may have lead to one receiving a hefty bonus come the year-old holidays.  Today?  Not so much, but the hours are still just as severe.  This holds true even more when one's husband works in the medical industry where the Doctor is God and the wife of said doctor is just a fly on the wall.  Her name's Yukiko by the way...and she's rather bored...and a bit adventurous...

...and she decided to dabble in Japanese AV.

From our initial encounter with Yukiko bashfully clinging against a large concrete pillar outside of a train station in Yokohama on a cloudy, but rain-less morning, our first impression can be summed up as: 'eh'.  Is she beautiful?  Not really.  Dressed to the 10's?  Nope.  Can easily blend in the crowd of other nondescript Japanese 30-somethings wandering around?  Absolutely.

Yukiko may not be top-notch modeling material (though she does have the height for it!), but as the production runs its course, her salacious awakening does give her an amorous glow that turns her into something extremely desirable in the most lewd of ways.  She's a natural masochist and her demure demeanor hides it rather well.  Once the play begins, her moaning and multiple orgasms are as authentic as they come.

Her short time with us in her first (and most likely only) foray into Japanese adult video was very well done.  This was not a quick love hotel romp where the opportunity for dialog is replaced with erection-in-mouth fellatio.  The buildup is slow and steady from our first meeting with her at the station to that adventurous and risque car ride that followed.

We hear more about her life of ennui being married to a decent husband who unfortunately has placed his livelihood over the well-being of his own wife.  She wants adventure and excitement.  In this late model Lexus with plush cream-colored leather seats, she receives both in droves first by masturbation--both given and self-provided--before she strips nearly naked at the risk of being spotted by other drivers.

Restaurant exposure quickly follows before she bares it all outside in a public park.  It unfortunately was a cloudy day in the colder portion of the year, but there were still people nearby as she stripped stark naked and only occasionally covered her surprisingly curvy form with an overcoat.  Her off-camera paramour noted often at how incredibly wet she became from even the slightest of sexual play.  His observation comes in handy later during a fantastic hotel bondage scene featuring multiple bouts of explosive female orgasms.

Yes, even elements of bondage come into play during THE SALACIOUS AWAKENING OF YUKIKO.  A hotel scene sees her totally nude and professionally bound.  Her face is flushed and hair done up like a Japanese hostess and all that 'eh' from earlier quickly becomes a thing of the past.  At this point in time, 'innocent' 30 year-old Japanese housewife Yukiko is beyond desirable and her want for the lascivious is returned graciously by her paramour first by the aforementioned finger-to-explosive-orgasm and then with some of the roughest and most realistic acts of coitus in recent memory.

Frequently women in Japanese AV are known to fake their reactions--or at least over-act their pleasure--but if Yukiko is following suit, she should receive a trophy as her reactions were top-notch.  This was no demure housewife any longer.  Her screams and wails of pleasure were only matched aurally by the spanking of her exposed butt during the last few thrusts leading up to extremis were nonpareiled.

THE SALACIOUS AWAKENING OF YUKIKO may be slightly abridged on its running time compared to other like-minded productions, but it greatly makes up for it with a fantastic intertwining of scenes that become increasingly 'hard'.  From that first interview in the car to the public exposure that followed and then the final masochistic-woman-on-leash event that concluded this fantastic GUTS production, Yukiko the housewife had her time to shine and achieve sexual satisfaction she'd normally have no outlet for.  Her foray at ZENRA is the perfect example of a 'document AV'.  Rather than being explicit scenes taped together, everything is done in gradual progression with ample dialog to boot.  Exclusively subtitled in English and found nowhere else, now's your time to join Yukiko on her salacious flight to sexual freedom.

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