Shizuku Aoba - Welcome to My Soapland

Published July 24, 2019

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Uncensored JAV soapland experience with a creampie conclusion starring an absolute beauty via DREAMROOM.

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Shizuku Aoba - Welcome to My Soapland
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Yes, the chances are if a JAV star does a soapland title, there's a good chance she may be calling upon talents she used to employ while actually working at one.  It's no secret that nearly all actresses in this industry have worked in the water trade  doing things that mix sexuality and pleasure before deciding to star in front of the camera.

I don't know SHIZUKU AOBA's life story (nor do I wish to delve), but I'll put good money on her also being a soapland queen before--or even during--her very short time as a JAV star.  Or JAV 'participant', really, as like other actresses we've seen in DREAMROOM titles, she's another example of 'get in and do a few titles before quickly stepping back into normalcy'.  A shame for sure as from the moment I started working on WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND, from her looks alone I'd have her pegged with tons of potential.

Some may disagree, but I find SHIZUKU AOBA to look a lot like MOMOKA NISHINA.  Perhaps possessing slightly less charisma and a smaller chest (and one that I fear may be artificially enhanced), she still is a beauty.  I would think any visitor to a soapland who was assigned her would be extremely happy.  I bet even without a sliver of makeup on, she'd still be a looker.

SHIZUKU AOBA's iteration of WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND is the fourth we've shown so far from this uncensored series.  Is it the best?  Debatable.  After all, while the first one we showed also featured a 'get in, get out' gyaru actress, these were followed by appearances by two very well known names:  HITOMI KITAGAWA and the still active and absolutely legendary MAKI HOJO.  I'll give SHIZUKU credit for keeping the action on the mat.  MAKI's time with us, while great, felt a little odd with the bed sex conclusion.  I mean if you're doing a soapland title, you want to maintain a soapland atmosphere from start to finish, right?

Throughout all of the play, SHIZUKU maintains *really* good eye contact with the camera.  Freakishly good at times.  While subtitling, I was wondering whether she was doing her best David Blaine impression or just really thought it was a good idea to stare daggers constantly.  It's more of a turn on given the situation and her demureness when it comes to speaking was made up for the apparent lack of concern about having her most intimate areas filmed...closely (hey, it's uncensored).

WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND is pretty good.  There hasn't been one yet I thought was lackluster.  It's a pretty simple concept to execute and I'm glad SHIZUKU was such a good sport.  It's a bit of a bummer she didn't stick around longer, but doing JAV surely isn't for everyone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 237

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