No Hair, No Shame!

Published November 25, 2015

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We see more of Eri Shimizu who tries play a bit more audacious in this Full HD and uncensored public nudity release with a paipan theme by DREAMROOM.

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No Hair, No Shame!
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ERI SHIMIZU is no one-trick pony.  Two-trick?  Possibly.  We last saw her portraying a sexually curious Japanese women who left fate and an entry on a deai-kei pickup site lead her to a hotel room.  There, she had on-camera sex filmed totally in POV putting you in the driver's seat.  This may have sparked an interest in further releases in Japan's burgeoning and ever-growing network of adult media which led to today's riskier release mainly filmed outside.

As the title implies, NO HAIR NO SHAME features another round of freshly shaven ERI SHIMIZU.  Pure paipan (hairless), possibly no longer a pure amateur, but purely embarrassed about some of the more audacious acts of eroticism she finds herself doing in an actual outdoor environment adds pizazz to this short, but well-shot Full HD title by DREAMROOM.

The Tokyo Bay is frequently used in outdoor AV shoots--or at least ones on ZENRA seem to feature them more than coincidentally average.  Although ERI described the view in the opening minutes as 'beautiful', those who come from less developed environments would disagree near instantly.  The park where this was shot at was nice, but the view of the 'ocean'--if you can call it that--had it's fair share of industrial buildings and left-overs from the Japanese bubble era.  There even was an extended sand barge that took up half the ocean scenery.  You can find these decrepit yet visually powerful structures near areas where artificial islands were built.  Western Japan near Osaka has its fair share due to Kansai Airport and they are quite popular attractions for abandoned building explorers.

Anyway, enough recent Japanese history and more AV, right?

ERI SHIMIZU this time around was paired with the forever droopy, but always full of erotic good nature YUUSUKE OWADA.  We've seen him a lot in GUTS titles and we haven't seen the last of him for a long shot.  Remember that armpit movie with the Japanese amateurs?  He was in the first scene and soon enough you'll also see his talents extend to the licentious appreciation of freshly graduated Japanese schoolgirls.

YUUSUKE plays the boyfriend who invites ERI out to a rather deserted park on what looks like an early spring day.  Foot traffic is essentially non-existent so they pretty much have the place to themselves.  This works well into his plan as he came equipped with some out of place sex toys.

ERI was surprised at how bold he could be with their foreplay, but agreed to do an assortment of naughty acts truly out in the open.  The risk for being caught was real, but she went through with it.  That takes a lot of guts and we applaud her...with one hand of course.

The authentic public nudity sexual play made up the first third of this fun release.  Sex toys and a gradual striptease exposing ERI's paipan body followed by a blowjob under the blue sky were the appetizers to the continued sex sans condom that happened in the car.

This was no spacious full-sized van and position-switching was limited, but the couple did everything in their power to put on a good show.  They even finished nakadashi style and the cameraman was happy enough to zoom in to prove it.  Now, we're not gigantic fans of super-zoomed in vaginas--a questionable trend in many uncensored Japanese AV releases--but we're sure this camera angle has its fans.  Perhaps you're one?

The only negative thing we can add without any compunction is somebody's (ERI's?  YUUSUKE's?  The director's?) phone started vibrating towards the climax and no effort was made to stop it.  You'd think they'd temporarily cut the production to handle that, but no, they just let it vibrating until it stopped...only to start vibrating for another go-around a minute or so later.  Ugh.

We can't finish on an 'ugh' though so for closing, NO HAIR NO SHAME was a pretty good modern Japanese AV public nudity release.  We know many of you prefer harder public nudity and we will be showing many titles like such as these soon enough.  This was a Full HD release and totally uncensored and the ample dialog in the first portion added a lot to their outdoor sexual motives.  That dialog plus everything that happens after is all there for you with our English Subtitles so put on some headphones, grab a box of tissues, and dim the lights.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 261

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