Perverting the Paranormal

Published March 14, 2015

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Japanese ghost hunting AV that successfully mixes the search for supernatural with the erotic with English subtitles.

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Perverting the Paranormal
with English Subtitles

It wasn't too long ago that the Asian ghost craze swept the USA and with it came remakes of some of the modern classics of the genre such as The Ring and The Grudge.  Viewers of English-speaking nations for the first time had a relatively accurate glimpse at how the supernatural--especially the spookier kind--is handled in Japan.  Visual elements both gory and grisly are devoid and in their place is something ancient and eldritch.  Movies such as Hostel which was also released around the same time are as far from the Japanese supernatural treatment as possible.

Readers and viewers at ZENRA assuredly have seen the Ring or at least heard of it and its resident spirit Sadako who haunts viewers whom do not pass on her morbid video tape within a week.  Her lithe frame draped by an ill-fitting and tattered white dress with dangling, unwashed black hair down to her navel shrouds her water-worn face and her eyes...well, we can stop there as you probably get the point.

Ghosts have been a long-standing part of Japanese lore and attempting to contact them--or at least encounter them is occasionally carried out.  Shows in the west such as Ghost Hunters are based around this and the idea is now migrated to Japan where we see an AV crew along with Tsubaki Katou, a lone adult video star visiting areas best left alone and turning over rocks best left in their places.


Produced by COLLECTOR, the creators of some truly astounding Japanese AV and certainly a company not to ignore, PEVERTING THE PARANORMAL is almost more docudrama than adult video production.  This is not necessarily a bad though though.  Seeing a film crew with little knowledge of the arcane, but much about all things salacious try their hands at waltzing with the supernatural while including elements sublunary and very sexual is a very rare opportunity.  There are no other adult video productions like this one.  It really is in a category by itself.

Scenes number five and all are filmed at night.  Two are filmed in outdoor park locations way out of Tokyo and deep in the boondocks.  A man-made cave from decades passed is visited and other encounters such as a bizarre concrete staircase in the middle of nowhere and leading to nowhere is also traversed.  With surroundings pitch black and a musical score consisting of nothing but the random chirping and crooning of fauna, this AV production is as spooky as they come.

One of the scarier incidents early on was the breakwater barrier found out of Tokyo where many people have perished.  Huge placards surround it warning those thinking about making their own one-way visit to the afterlife to think again as a watery demise is not the best way to go.  Under one of these huge signs of the forbidden, our lone AV star, Tsubaki Katou, is instructed to masturbate all the way to orgasm.  Afterwords, she obliges one of the crew member's requests for fellatio.

The final paranormal visit takes place in a house that truly is haunted.  It's abandoned, surrounded by police tape, and rumors of ghastly incidents that happened in it from years past are known and shared by people in the area.  Inside amongst decades of dust buildup, there are many Shinto protection talismans.  These well-crafted sheets of paper are usually hung in areas that need to be warded.  Having one here or there in one's abode is quite normal, but the surprise of Tsubaki Katou and the film crew when entering the bathroom--which was hidden by a boarded up wall--was genuine; around the sink and mirror were over a dozen such talismans.  In the neighboring room as well deep in one of the closets were more.  The only reason so many would be affixed to the walls was to protect the dwellers from something truly horrific.

Here in the bathroom the conclusion of the production featuring some very frightening intercourse between Tsubaki and an (un)lucky crew member comes into play.  Upping the uneasiness of dancing erotically with the departed, they have coitus while facing the very mirror that is surrounded by these Shinto talismans.  Somehow he eventually does orgasm, but him, Tsubaki, and the crew all want to exit the premises as soon as possible.

Interestingly, a cassette tape was found underneath the mirror and one curious crew member took it for safe-keeping.  Perhaps later he'll pop it in an old tape player, press PLAY, and... be continued with PERVERTING THE PARANORMAL 2 which will be released on ZENRA later this year.



Although PERVERTING THE PARANORMAL is not really a traditional Japanese AV title, you should definitely make the time to watch it unless supernatural encounters truly are not your bag.  This was not a hokey title by any means.  Many of the happenings in each of the five scenes were generally spooky and your skin will crawl.  Watching this in the dark is not advised.  Even watching it alone may be too much for some.

To conclude on a slightly technical note, this title had by far the most English subtitles per minute of any title released on ZENRA.  Along with that, on-screen captioning was prevalent from start to finish and all have been translated to English.  Prep time for PERVERTING THE PARANORMAL took almost twice as long as normal and we hope you enjoy the exclusive English subtitles treatment of this fantastic work by COLLECTOR found only here at ZENRA.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!


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