Uncensored Nanpa in Okayama

Published May 6, 2015

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Japanese nanpa experiment in Okayama proves fruitful with the catch of a lifetime filmed in Full HD uncensored with exclusive English subtitles.

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Uncensored Nanpa in Okayama Full HD
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Although Tokyo is considered the heart of nanpa--or picking up women off the street, the concept exists and is carried out throughout the entire nation wherever young women are known to congregate en masse.  The intentions of those performing the pickup vary; some simply want a one-night stand, others are actually looking for a serious relationship, while others are being paid to 'scout' women for various facets of Japan's bustling water trade, and of course, there also are camera-wielding men attempting to talk to women for the advancement of variety TV.

The latter TV-pickup attempt is the starting point to this very well-done nanpa production presented in Full HD and uncensored on ZENRA.  NANPA IN OKAYAMA as the name implies is situated in the city of Okayama, located closer to the western edge of Japan's main island of Honshu.  It's almost as far west as one can go from Tokyo yet still be on the same mass of land...well, almost.  Like all large cities in Japan, Okayama features an Edo period Castle (well, being built in 1597, it does actually precede Japan's most 'peaceful' era by a few years) and the city also features multiple Ferris wheels (not shown nor mentioned in this production).  Today's nanpa specialist first focuses on talking to women about the nuances of Okayama's unique dialect--which is explained via exclusive English subtitles so Japanese learners out there take note!--before asking the few that stick around to join him on a day trip to sightsee attractions such as the aforementioned castle.

All decline except for one.

He finally catches a woman whom at first seems extraordinarily shy, but in spite of sometimes amateurly delivered lines and fishing attempts for further fun together gone awry (all of us who've done pickup have been there), she agrees to join him for some outdoor sightseeing.  It's almost as if they may have met before and have agreed to take part on this adventure beforehand...she does have this semi-Mona Lisa smile going on nearly the entire production until the real fun begins later on in the bubble-era love hotel.

Nano-chan's her name and she's just out of high school and eking an existence as a college student in an unnamed university within the city that also happens to be her hometown.  She's a city girl--well, if you consider Okayama a full-fledged Japanese metropolis that is.

In terms of the technicals, NANPA IN OKAYAMA is pretty bare-bones.  It's essentially one man wielding a pretty spiffy HD camera who knows a thing or two about good lighting.  Fancy angles such as everyone's favorite under-the-ass-cheeks-shot are (fortunately) absent.  Rather, this production truly feels like an authentic interaction between two real people with a slow-and-steady buildup.  Dialog is thick and heavy early on and props must be given to the gentleman for gradually erecting the pathway from outdoor adventure under the sticky sun of the humid summer months and into the air-conditioned goodness that is a love hotel.

Make no mistake:  this was no quick-and-easy transition from a quick first date to naughty private time together.  The conversation leading to their arrival at the hotel was worthwhile and also felt anything but apocryphal.  Nano-chan was hesitant at first, but his insistence and use of words (all provided with English captioning) came to save the day along with his exceptional libido.

The road to full-on coitus--sans condom and dangerously with nakadashi (ejaculating inside)!--was a fun adventure.  The promise of 'just a shower to cool off' turned into something much more worthwhile for both parties as Nano-chan playfully followed the orders of our camera-wielding friend.  Spread legs led to an impromptu panty inspection where the moxy of our male friend led to them sliding off relatively quickly.  Sexual favors were first given by him, but Nano-chan eventually gave back by means of a very well-captured bout of fellatio.  When it came time for sex, the act itself was ho-hum.  However, focusing on reality, fancy moves and awkward AV positions were absent in lieu of two people simply wanting to feel good together and that's where this production truly shines.

NANPA IN OKAYAMA is a wonderful Full HD production without a shred of mosaic for the haters of Japan's questionable out-of-date censorship policy.  It may seem significantly grounded in reality compared to some of the other recent releases at ZENRA, but do not skip out on it because it feels too normal.  Sometimes seeing a nanpa mission turn successful with an exceptionally cute and eager Japanese woman is well worth it.

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