My Lucky Catch From a Deai-Kei Site

Published August 26, 2015

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Love hotels are not needed for this type of Japanese deai-kei site success story featuring an outgoing amateur named Eri Shimizu by DREAMROOM.

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My Lucky Catch From a Deai-Kei Site Uncensored Full HD
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Japan and personal computers have never really been bed-mates.  The nineties and the double-00's saw the rise of computers in the west where they went from gargantuan off-white towers in a few offices to ubiquitous home installations in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.  With computers came the internet and the ability to connect with everyone and anyone who wanted the same.

Japan for the most part failed to join the home computer phenomenon.  The reasons are varied:  small houses, the price, their actual necessity (at the time), and more.  However, up until the mass appeal of smart-phones, Japan was known as the pioneers of highly advanced 'feature' phones now known as garakei--or Galapagos KeitaiKeitai--or cellphones--were hooked up to the internet too and young people were unattached even back in the days of using these small hand-held devices with pitifully minuscule resolutions found ways to use them to have sex.

Deai-kei sites were and still are a popular way to hookup with random people in Japan.  Deai can translate to English as 'meeting someone'--or as Wikipedia notes:  "for an encounter."  These site are spartanly designed and even with more and more people on smart-phones, still look like a miniature version of Craigslist's encounters section.  Well, that's what it is, really.  Want sex?  Want it with someone 'real' possibly for free?  If you two click, a deai-encounter may be feasible.

That's what today's title by DREAMROOM is about.  MY LUCKY CATCH FROM A DEAI-KEI SITE 'stars' Eri Shimizu.  We put quotes around stars due to this outgoing actress being something of a one-off amateur, it may be more appropriate simply to group this title as a fantastic amateur production than a star-driven production.  Eri Shimizu has slightly tan skin, good makeup sense, and possibly wears hair extensions which were extremely popular amongst gyaru a few years back when this release was shot.

This was a quick, but very fun title.  What's more, it's another one in the series of amateur nanpa that's done in Full HD without any mosaic.  Yes, we're privileged again to seeing something beautiful totally uncensored.  And yes, we're aware that Japan's censorship laws are somewhat funky, but unless you distribute on your own along with being incorporated outside of Japan, the doorway to 'legally' making uncensored Japanese adult video is rather small.  Even with all your ducks in order, it's still a gray area of skirting the rules.  Smaller production companies such as our domestic partners are based in Japan and also release titles in physical format so this sans-mosaic option unfortunately isn't available to them.

Filmed in POV format where you, the viewer, are placed in the cockpit from start to finish, we see Eri Shimizu calmly lounging on a comfy chair in a business hotel room idly chatting with the off-camera actor/director.  Play begins rather quickly, but dialog remains a constant companion through the entirety of this title and it's all their with our complete and exclusive English subtitle treatment.

It would of been nice to see a bit more setup.  How exactly did the meeting go down?  Perhaps some pseudo phone screens showing their text messages leading up to the encounter would have been a nice touch.  Sadly, that doesn't appear, but the title still follows a very natural progression.  It's another fine example of amateur nanpa proving successful with a lifelike and steady trundling from chatting to foreplay to full-on bareback sex complete with a nakadashi finish.

A nice little bonus is Eri Shimizu's choice to go totally paipan--or shaved.  It's still quite rare for Japanese AV actresses to shave *everything* so seeing uncensored paipan no less was bona-fied eye candy.  It almost feels 'wrong' at times seeing a shaved Japanese woman such as this vivacious amateur taking the lead without even a hint of pubic hair stubble.  'Wrong' or right, Eri was there willing and able and put on a tremendous show.  She may not be walking perfection, but she's a real Japanese gyaru who isn't bashful about letting the world know.

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