Michiru Tsukino - My Indecent Outdoor Date

Published April 17, 2019

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Uncensored JAV goes outdoors with no condoms, no pulling out, and with a greater appreciation of nature via DREAMROOM.

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Michiru Tsukino - My Indecent Outdoor Date
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Girls like MICHIRU TSUKINO are right up my alley:  super pale, black hair, cute but in a girl-next-door way, and mildly adventurous.  This is our second outing with her and possibly our last as she was a JAV star who only had a few titles under her thin leather belt before calling it a day.  About half a year ago we showed her in an adorable 'pajama party' update and here she is again in another uncensored JAV release by DREAMROOM filmed again on his own by the same gent as before.

Usually these pure self-shot titles I abhor.  You sometimes get great footage, but oftentimes things go to the wayside once sex begins.  This time, however, I have to give this unnamed actor/director credit for knowing great camera angles for when he decides to put the device down and also knows to keep the hand-held portions short, but full of impact when the real heavy play begins.

Some may notice we're classifying this as a public nudity update and yes, while they do the deed outside, it's done in a bucolic backdrop with nobody around.  As we've mentioned in many reviews, filming in actual public settings has been an impossible feat for some years.  Even though MY INDECENT OUTDOOR DATE wasn't filmed just yesterday and even though it was done by an uncensored JAV maker known not to give two hoots about any 'Ethics rules' (a benefit to NOT having one's works distributed within the country), bringing too much attention to oneself in a very risque way could lead to trouble.

MICHIRU may not be as talkative in this title, but she still is adorable.  Unlike the pajama party release, she strips down all the way making a fantastic (or natural, even) juxtaposition between pale Japanese flesh and some impressive greenery.  Don't go into a release like this one expecting tons of dialog.  It's an overall light, fun affair that concludes with the traditional *real* creampie uncensored JAV movies are known for.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 202

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