Jukujo Age Preservation Facial Treatment

Published November 6, 2019

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

A street pickup leads to a private love hotel tryst with a surprise conclusion via DREAMROOM.

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Jukujo Age Preservation Facial Treatment
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

JUKUJO AGE PRESERVATION FACIAL TREATMENT is about as far from a standard uncensored JAV amateur title you can get yet still call it one.  The beginning even features some music and mildly slick editing!  The actress?  Not her first rodeo at ZENRA, but going by how this one ended and her lack of titles afterword, it could be her last.  Fans--all eleven of you--of SATOMI INAMOTO rejoice as today's update should satisfy and then some.

Unlike in our previous update with her from some time ago, SATOMI is shown here in a much better light--literally and figuratively.  The lighting really is a lot better and she comes off as an actual bubbly human being rather than a near mute 'tryout girl'.  I'm not sure which was shot first, but going by how little her look changed, I'm going to assume they were done within a very close time period.  Days, possibly.  SATOMI INAMOTO in JUKUJO AGE PRESERVATION FACIAL TREATMENT seems like a really affable person I'd love to get to know.  She also has that look--the long, pale face and the jet black hair--that many a foreign fan of Japanese women may go crazy over.  Even her previous outing with us that I admittedly didn't think was fantastic turned out to a fan favorite.  Go figure.

During the interview at the cafe, SATOMI mentions she's 28 though for some reason DREAMROOM labeled this title with the JUKUJO moniker.  As many of you know, calling someone that implies they're older (but not necessarily in a bad way) and 28's still in 'young wife' territory.  I think going with the big J was a bit too hasty.  If anything, AGE PRESERVATION FACIAL TREATMENT has a lot in common with that crazy MAO SUZUKI title we also showed some time ago.  Both feature innocent one-on-one outdoor encounters that soon lead to intimate self-shot sex.  But it's the final acts that serve as the 'surprise' leaving the actress cum-covered and rather annoyed (spoiler:  these are actually scripted).

JUKUJO AGE PRESERVATION FACIAL TREATMENT is a self-shot affair.  It's a good one though.  I can't fault the production and the lead actor while talkative, knew how to keep the story progressing without making the viewer bored.  I'll knock off some points for a ball-sucking portion that slightly overstayed its welcome, but otherwise, I'm satisfied with this one.  More than satisfied, really. Girls like SATOMI are extremely realistic and very approachable.  Watching this is like seeing a faithful recreation of actual pickup  going in a direction that at first is wildly successful (he did cum in her for real after all!) before curve-balling into something totally out of the blue.

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