Michiru Tsukino - My All Night Pajama Infatuation

Published September 19, 2018

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Pale and super cute amateur Michiru Tsukino spends the night and opts to wear revealing pajamas in this uncensored JAV release by DREAMROOM.

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Michiru Tsukino - My All Night Pajama Infatuation
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Today luck was beside me when I got to meet, shoot, and have sex with (!!!) a very innocent young woman named Michiru Tsukino.  I can’t get enough of her face:  super adorable with big eyes that just suck you in.  She may look naive, but in reality…

Somehow I convinced her to stay the night and the pajamas she changed in to left her bottom half nearly entirely exposed.  Her skin looks soft and I can tell you with conviction it’s heavenly to caress.   I had a lot of opportunity to confirm this observation.

We started fooling around pretty soon.  The big massager I used on her private regions seemed to do the trick as her cries of “I’m embarrassed!” quickly volte-faced into something much more erotic.  Her face soon took on that familiar reddish hue of passion and that did the trick.  Her horny switch was now firmly switched to ON.

Seeing her moan and scream and scream some more was intense.  I live in a tiny apartment you know.  The walls are thin and my neighbors wouldn’t be happy if they knew I was shooting a porno.  Fortunately, nothing bad came of that and Michiru was something special in bed.  While she may appear petite, that tiny mouth was somehow able to take in my entire member and do unspeakable things to it.  I was surprised, but also extremely happy at this finding.

Later on you could figure out where this led and whoops—no condom again!  I also kinda forgot to pull out, but you can see more of that when you watch the awesome footage I recorded of this very pale, very innocent-looking, but far from innocent in bed ‘special friend’ of mine.

MY ALL NIGHT PAJAMA INFATUATION is an uncensored JAV title by DREAMROOM that I found myself liking quite a bit.  First and foremost, it has a really nice and cozy 'third date' vibe to it.  For those who are still in the dating scene or look back on it fondly, recall how you may have had first and second dates with a girl that perhaps ended with some kissing and maybe if you were lucky, a wee bit of mutual groping.  Nothing more though.  However, more was promised on that third date.  You know, the one where you invite her over to your place where you can watch a movie together...in private.

Before this big night, you spend a few days exchanging texts full of emoji (lots and lots of hearts).  She may reply saying how she's "looking forward to it " and perhaps later she'll tell you to "behave :)" and you know of course where this'll lead.

THAT's the vibe I got when subtitling today's update.  It runs slightly longer compared to other uncensored amateur releases due to the kinda-sorta bonus content at the end (using the toilet plus showering).  MICHIRU TSUKINO is super cute.  She oozes realism too.  While PAJAMA INFATUATION wasn't her first JAV release, she only did a few beforehand so it's a safe bet to assume the way she was acting wasn't too far off to how she is in real life.

While she predictably does not take the lead in bedroom play, the way she teases and is teased into it is adorable.  This is a movie that has lots of talking early on, but does not suffer from any botched pacing.  It's smooth sailing from her ringing on the bell and past that quirky massager encounter concluding with some risky, but always welcome creampie sex.  And yes, while uncensored titles like this one are generally shot by the actor on his own, the creampies are not faked.  You can assume that and the increased pay to shoot uncensored is where the money mainly goes.

MICHIRU TSUKINO is long-retired though we have at least one more uncensored title with her on the way and that one is done entirely outdoors!

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