Can You Have Sex in Front of Your Boyfriend? 2 First Half

Published January 4, 2023

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Is this the ultimate test of fidelity? Not yet married yet seeing just how they go while their partner watches!

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Can You Have Sex in Front of Your Boyfriend? 2 First Half
Timing and Translation by JM84
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If we're going to talk about movies a long time coming, look no further than today and next week's extra special double update, the sequel to something we showed almost exactly three years ago.  What that one may have lacked (I'll be honest, the actress/girlfriend was a bit of a dead fish) is made up for and then some here with a really compact and tight girlfriend who from the neck down at least reminds me of the incredibly still active MIORI HARA and in the second half, the addition of a well-trained 'lewd woman' performer where the tables are turned (plus another surprise addition!).

CAN YOU HAVE SEX IN FRONT OF YOUR BOYFRIEND 2? is a cuckolding release in an industry that for reasons I just can't comprehend doesn't seem to push out too many movies in this genre.  We'll see "wife who cheats behind their husband's back" aplenty, but sex while one's significant other is in the room watching remain unicorns both in the mainstream and uncensored world of JAV.  I really wish there were more and that reason is why we spaced these releases so far apart.

What we get today on the male side of the equation are familiar faces whom I won't go into much.  One guy, the boyfriend, is that good guy former bodybuilder who seemed to sadly really let himself go (a few years earlier, he played a very ripped beach-side waiter) along with that guy who looks like my brother-in-law if he had a very minor case of acromegalia.  But are we really watching these movies for the dudes?  Of course not!  It's to see how one, the boyfriend, reacts while the other, the stud, has his way with his girlfriend.  And yes, following in the tradition of good uncensored JAV, this is done entirely raw (and dare I say, from slit to slit without any cuts or cleaning up--talk about playing with slick fire!).

What makes this release all the better is while the first half that follows traditional cuckolding is pretty good, the tables are turned in the second where the boyfriend, a natural masochist, is dominated by a wicked performer while his curious girlfriend watches.  The play heats up so much that partway through perhaps less out of jealousy and more out of raw emotion decides to strip down and join in making for the kind of reverse threesomes that one can normally only dream of happening.

CAN YOU HAVE SEX IN FRONT OF YOUR BOYFRIEND? 2 surely is not a high budget affair, but it still looks great and delivers the goods.  That DREAMROOM hired unknowns helps, not hurts as it aids in making everything more realistic.  I'm happy we can show this release, but sad there is so little like it in JAV Land.  We should cherish each and every proper cuckolding movie like this one.

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+Excellent cuckolding movie with a welcomed twist in the second half.
+Raw sex from start to finish including some dangerous play later on.


-While sex may be raw, we don't get creampies.

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