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When it comes to truly twisted Japanese AV, make a stop at COLLECTOR. Strongly inspired by the legacy of the infamous BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING, COLLECTOR has been in the business of producing extreme maniac AV for over a decade. Rather than pump out multiple titles a month, COLLECTOR is more of a boutique label that focuses all their efforts on just one. Their first claim to fame was public nudity—and not solely woman-naked-in-empty-field flicks, but full-on couples having sex in the middle of a crowded station. Now they have branched out under the COLLECTOR label to truly extreme movies with ZENRA only being able to showcase some of them due to strict billing regulations regarding exceptionally extreme content.

Walk of Nudist Shame SubtitledExclusive (February 13 2017)

Insane Japanese public nudity distributed by COLLECTOR is back for more stark naked craziness in the middle of Tokyo streets without the use of any fakery!

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  • asuka kyouno asked to strip outside
  • asuka kyouno pees in public
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Bokoboko Onna Chihiro Hasegawa SubtitledExclusive (January 02 2017)

Far from innocent Chihiro Hasegawa finds herself in the ninth circle of Japanese AV hell by means of COLLECTOR.

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  • chihiro hasegawa stark naked perfect butt sticking out
  • butt exposed naked japanese woman on all fours
  • japanese weird anus play hasegawa chihiro
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  • chihiro hasegawa maid uniform outside in tokyo
Absolutely Stupid Public Nudity Begins SubtitledExclusive (November 21 2016)

Maniac Japanese AV history is made with the very first title in the most infamous public nudity series of all time distributed by COLLECTOR.

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  • japanese av star naked in front of asakusa temple
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Arisu Shaved in Wonderland SubtitledExclusive (October 12 2016)

Maniac in Public returns with the pale and shaved ARISU YUKINO who prances around Tokyo in her birthday suit without a care in the world by COLLECTOR.

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  • public japanese urination in phone booth
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Human Toilet Syndrome SubtitledExclusive (September 26 2016)

The Final Form of Japanese AV by COLLECTOR featuring every prurient act of debauchery in the books plus a few made up on the spot.

  • nakamura mei human toilet ambitions
  • enema given to japanese woman
  • dick juice clinging to nose of bound japanese woman
  • anus fingering of first time av star
  • anal deep exploration with elongated sex toy
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