Amateurs Assemble to Cum Inside of Tsubaki Katou

Published April 29, 2019

#Subtitled #Exclusive #ClassicJAV

Legendary JAV star Tsubaki Katou in possibly her first ever real creampie role via MOBSTERS.

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Amateurs Assemble to Cum Inside of Tsubaki Katou
Translation and Timing by ZENRA


Long-term ZENRA fans know we're pretty fond of TSUBAKI KATOU.  Heck, she was the 'face' of our site on Twitter for a couple of years.  This Shizuoka native has been an active JAV star for an almost unfathomable 12 years and counting (!).  It's quaint to see the industry erupt when darling actresses with only two or three years under their belts decide to retire when true behemoths like TSUBAKI have been churning out titles for a near eternity.  Even in her mid-thirties, she still looks amazing.  I met her a few years ago and can honestly say the way she looks in today's update and how she looks today are near identical.  Sex is the antidote to aging!  Lots of it!

AMATEURS ASSEMBLE TO CUM INSIDE OF TSUBAKI KATOU is--if you did not notice it's categorization already--a #ClassicJAV update.  This was one of TSUBAKI's first roles and also one of the earlier titles shot by MOBSTERS.  The camp is intense, the humor never-ending, and the creampies that occur multiple times are all indeed real.  This was a title shot in the tail end of the golden age of JAV back when even scruffy outfits based way out in Kyoto (OK, technically this title was shot in Osaka, but close enough!) could compete and actually outdo corporate-sponsored studios.  Fans of HONNAKA should realize that that studio only came into existence due to MOBSTERS dominating the real nakadashi scene.  Even now with creampies all but gone in censored JAV, that studio remains active though they emphasis their name implies simply the 'real thing' rather than 'honto nakadashi' (real creampies).  Hmm...

You can consider AMATEURS ASSEMBLE to be a fan thanksgiving type of JAV release.  It features a few support actors and yes, the first sex scene involves one doing the deed sans condom with TSUBAKI while the five amateur contestants watch, but after that, the games begin in earnest.  This is a release featuring various challenges rather than unrelated scenes.  Each challenge involves riskier and riskier play and each round results in one amateur being kicked to the curb of disqualification.  After the facesitting cunnilingus decision round, only one remains and he is the lucky one who gets to have raw sex with TSUBAKI KATOU concluding with an internal ejaculation.  Lucky guy!

Remember now, MOBSTERS overall is more of a campy JAV maker that is known to keep their movies super upbeat and full of corny humor.  This is as far from random actors clocking in cumshots as you can get.  If you like movies with helmed by a loquacious game show host (such as this one), today's update probably is right up your alley.  Compared to later roles, TSUBAKI was a bit quieter in AMATEURS ASSEMBLE.  She only had a couple years of doing JAV under her belt and that didn't even amount to too many titles as her career only went into overdrive a bit later.  This is TSUBAKI in her rawest form doing everyone's favorite deed the most natural way possible.  It's well worth a watch and keep your eyes on your favorite JAV studio websites as many often hold recruitment for actors.  Literally getting to have raw sex on your first JAV acting gig may be pushing out, but doing other salacious things with actresses while the cameras are rolling can happen!

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