Maki Hojo and Tsubaki Katou - My Secret Lesbian Wives

Published March 25, 2020

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Extremely rare uncensored lesbian JAV leading to an FFM threesome starring Maki Hojo and Tsubaki Katou by DREAMROOM.

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Maki Hojo and Tsubaki Katou - My Secret Lesbian Wives
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you take one stark naked, wet, and horny MAKI HOJO and have her entwine with an equally wet and aroused TSUBAKI KATOU?  I ask because both are known for having glorious thick thatches of coarse Japanese pubic hair.  Do you think scissoring would cause them tangles?  Like a Rat king, but consisting of two slightly older JAV stars?  Instead of dirty tails locked together in a knot of knots, we've clitorises forever lip-locked due to out of control knots?  My mind's really wandering to uncharted territories, but it isn't everyday you get to review an uncensored JAV movie starring two industry giants.  Legendary, at least.  That's for sure.

MY SECRET LESBIAN WIVES, like last week's big group affair is another example of DREAMROOM really going above and beyond to turn out an eyebrow-raising title.  While this time the number of women taking part is reduced only to two, the two that we get are beyond extraordinary.  Neither needs much introduction.  Both have been mainstays at ZENRA for some years now.  Both are welcomed again and again.  With a combined 25 years of JAV experience, seeing MAKI and TSUBAKI act alongside together is a feast for the eyes.  Seeing them totally lez out is heaven on earth.

And speaking of lesbianism, if that's what you came to see, simply only watch the first scene.  It's pure girl-girl.  The 'husband' figure only pops in for scene two.  It's nice how MY SECRET LESBIAN WIVES is split that way.  Sites that like to pad out their updates to extreme lengths (like spreading butter over too much bread), may opt to split this 57 minute release in two, but that'd lead to just too little content.  Besides, DREAMROOM released this as a single entity so that's how we're gonna show it!

You'd think a movie like this would have a big story.  Something to explain the lesbianism.  Something to explain the husband's motives for barging in on such prurient play.  Alas, when it comes to uncensored JAV movies, MY SECRET LESBIAN WIVES doesn't fall too far from the 'play things safe' tree.  This is a movie that manages to include a great amount of lesbian sex, but also keep dialog low.  An anomaly in my books.  Especially when you consider both TSUBAKI KATOU and MAKI HOJO are known for NOT keeping quiet.  Previously a title with either generally would feature tons of talking whereas this time we've something that barely has over 200 lines of it (!).  (Your average hour of JAV on ZENRA would have closer to 500 lines if you're wondering)

An easy one for our subtitlers and a great one simply to watch.  Sure, if you prefer younger women who look better in schoolgirl uniforms, this may not be for you.  Otherwise, if you like 'em old and adventurous and yes, hairy where it counts, this is it.  Your nectar of life in the form of two kimono-clad Japanese beauties.

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Maki Hojo and Tsubaki Katou starring in a movie together.  A truly fantastic pairing!

Cons's:  Some backstory would have been appreciated.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 215

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