The Anuses of Japanese AV Stars Part One

Published August 5, 2016

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The first part of a MASSIVE 6 hour release by RADIX taking the embarrassed naked female theme to its limits with ample focus on their anuses.

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The Anuses of Japanese AV Stars Part One
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Read our exclusive interview with RADIX, the production company behind this gargantuan release!

Well, RADIX finally did it.  They're so confident about their output they spent probably a good portion of a year taking AV stars one by one and shooting little segments in order to publish this gargantuan 6 hour (!) title.  Make no mistake:  this is no re-hash of old content mixed with some new.  In fact, just like a previous update we showed that was focused on pubic hair, this one also features an immense cast of 50 Japanese women whose collective output amplified the already popular ENF (embarrassed naked female) theme to new levels of arousal.

We're proud to present the English subtitled edition of THE ANUSES OF JAPANESE AV STARS which given its length took an immense amount of time to prepare.  We also apologize about splitting it into 3 releases at ZENRA, but at approximately 2 hours an update, that puts it on par with other titles on our recent schedule.  So yes, if that grinds your gears, please go purchase some lubricant.

Each scene--and we're talking all 50 of them--basically follows the same format.  Thus, the only real negative for a title such as this one is the repetition.  Then again, ANUSES is all about...well, butt holes and given the format it shows them on the cover, the issue of scene repetition is essentially a given.

We see each AV star introduce herself.  Some--OK most--are timid, but there are a few who break the mold such as the always loquacious TSUBASA MIYASHITA.  We saw her a couple of months ago in a lesbian update by HOT ENTERTAINMENT and she appears unchanged physically.  We're talking walking out of one set and right into the other.  These releases were probably filmed around the same time which could explain for that.

With introductions out of the way, stripping begins.  For some, it's slow and embarrassed whereas others such as the aforementioned TSUBASA and KAEDE OSHIRO serving as the anchor of Part Three go all out with eroticism leaving the viewer in a manic state of untapped desire.

'Hazukashii desu!' 'Sugoi hazukashii!'

You'll be hearing the above phrases VERY often in THE ANUSES OF JAPANESE AV STARS.  The 'hazukashii' portion is repeated probably well over a hundred times and simply translates to 'embarrassed'.  And 'embarrassed' best describes this 240 minute release.  Even the boldest of participants could not help flush in embarrassment as they were instructed to sit spread eagle with butts out so the camera could zoom into their anus.

Another plus given the theme is that unlike vaginas, anuses are not considered sexual organs by the Japanese censorship authorities so you could see them in all their glory.  The only exception is YURIA SETO's appearance.  She got carried away and began to finger her anus which led to brief pixelation down there.  Either way, it was still erotic and we adore the fact that she went to such levels to please her fans.

The culmination of all scenes (except REI MIZUNA's for some reason) was making anus ink impressions.  Each naked and embarrassed Japanese AV star was instructed to rub the type of red ink used for Japanese seals over their butt holes.  Then once sufficiently covered, they affixed their anus to 20 individual sheets of paper and signed them.  These 'anus stamps' were then randomized and inserted into the boxes for this release so if you bought the physical version, you would receive one!  Our DVD included AKI NAGASE from Part One and given her especially erotic body and performance, we're awfully pleased.

RADIX still has a few copies of THE ANUSES OF JAPANESE AV STARS in their online store so if you desperately want a stamped and signed copy of a famous Japanese anus, drop us a line and we'll see if something can be done.  Please note the DVD boxes are all sealed so they probably cannot send you a certain one.

Two very interesting additions to the 50-strong cast list were AYAME ENOMOTO and AYA YOSHII.  Their names may not ring a bell, but both played integral parts in the recent HEISEI GENERATION series by YAPOO's MARKET.  ENOMOTO played the torch-wielding 'lead' schoolgirl.  She had the pigtails if you recall.  AYA YOSHII played the thick-legged (in a very good way!) physical education teacher.  In ANUSES both came off as extremely embarrassed and submissive which was a riot to translate given their previous exposure as angels from Japanese femdom hell.

This was one of the longest releases we've ever worked on and cried tears of relief when we finally exited our subtitling program, but we loved it and we hope you feel the same.  RADIX has released several more titles that follow the same format and WE'VE LICENSED THEM ALL!  That means you'll be seeing at least another 12 hours of material done in this ENF format and there's no repeats.  Some of the future releases will again focus on pubic hair and anuses and others have some unique twists along the way.


Cast list in order of appearance for THE ANUSES OF JAPANESE WOMEN:

Part One
Nozomi Yui, Risa Omomo, Kotomi Asakura, Aki Nagase, Saya Takazawa, Risa Mamiya & Riko Chinen, Sayaka Aishiro, Yuria Hidaka, Amina Seya, Yukari Inoue, Ayame Enomoto, Yurina Kiyoyama, Shizuka Maeshiro, Kaho Miura, and Momo Otsuka

Part Two
Yui Komatsu, Shiho Terashima, Yui Tokui, Yumi Tanaka, Mizuki Ai, Chieru Hanyuu, Ayaka Shiina, Tsubasa Miyashita, Rei Mizuna, Saki Hatsumi, Uta Kohaku, Yuria Seto, Riona Minami, Seiko Iida, Mai Araki, Miina Kiritani, and Anna Watanabe

Part Three
Nozomi Ooe, Mitsuki Matsura, Mayu Tanimura, Ayaka Mikami, Yumiko Yamaguchi, Seika Tokiwa, Aoi Konami, Aya Nagasawa, Yukako Kamemoto, Miho Yasuda, Tsukushi Kamiya, Sanae Fujisaki, Aya Yoshii, Sanae Kujou, Aiko Toiyama, Hitomi, and Kaede Oshiro


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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