Conquest of Voluptuous Hotel Massage Milfs First Half

Published October 21, 2019

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Japanese businessmen attempt to go all the way with extra thick mature hotel massage therapists in this pseudo hidden camera JAV movie by BULLITT.

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Conquest of Voluptuous Hotel Massage Milfs First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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We've been pushing more and more into titles that feature larger groups, but we still are well aware that a huge chunk of our subscribers love 'hotel massages gone wrong' movies.  Later next year we will be increasing our pace in showing these lovely pseudo hidden camera JAV titles featuring horny businessmen requesting the service of older and dare I say slightly amorous massage therapists.  How far can they go?  A handjob?  Oral?  All the way?  All the way *without* pulling out?  Obviously do not try what happens in any of these scenes at home (or when traveling!)!

CONQUEST OF VOLUPTUOUS HOTEL MASSAGE MILFS is an incredible four hour release by BULLITT consisting of possibly some new or leftover footage along with various previous scenes from HOT ENTERTAINMENT's hotel massage titles.  With that said, there may be chances that future updates with this theme may contain the same scenes so those will be removed to avoid dupes.  In other words, a title whose box cover says four hours may run slightly shorter since we already showed the scenes in this update.

Like previous iterations, the cameras for the most part remain fixed for the bulk of the encounter with closer shots being used when penetration begins (though still usually in a fixed position rather than an active cameraman).  Also most scenes generally follow the same format of businessman receiving regular rubdown followed by requesting an 'inner thigh' massage or just brazenly whipping it out leading to sexual play.  How the play starts and progresses varies as we see some masseuses who are shocked and angry and even a few who are actually curious (!).

One of my favorite encounters is the fourth scene in the first half as it begins with a therapist who very clearly says that she doesn't provide any extras.  With this in mind, the client still covertly begins masturbating though does it on his side.  Rather than terminate the session then and there (which is the norm when this happens for real), his older therapist starts sneaking mischievous peeks at his 'activities' which leads to you-know-what.

The title lives up to its namesake; all the therapists are both older and curvy.  None are in their thirties with one or two possibly being over 50!  If you love the hotel massage theme, but only want to see it carried out by mature, voluptuous Japanese women who may or may not be married, you've found your elixir of vitality here.  While the second to last scene had some audio issues due to a bad mic, visually every scene was great.  I found no issues with the looks of any massage therapist and sure, the play itself is fanciful and absolutely should *not* be emulated in real life, but BULLITT did a great job in portraying a fantasy shared by many men.  I mean you could always call for delivery health or even a 'relaxation massage with hand finish'--services like those exist you know.  But actually making use of the hotel's own massage services and seeing how far you can go with a therapist who truly only intends to provide legit services is a real thrill.

More like this is on the way.  A LOT more.  We know you love these risky encounters with older women just trying to make ends meet and we will deliver.

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