vienna's Top 5 May 2021 JAVs

Published : May 27th, 2021 Written by vienna

Hello everyone! It's vienna writing, and I'm here to you today with my personal top list of my favorite JAVs released during May 2021. Finally, things, at least for most of us in the West, seem to be looking up. I recently received my first dose of vaccine, and to celebrate the (hopefully!) conclusion of a long nightmare that this worldwide pandemic has been, I decided to go on a JAV binge of all kinds, and oh boy was it a month filled with interesting films and productions. This month I also did a bit more of “research” before deciding to dig in and watch a full-length JAV movie. Sadly, as life goes it’s getting way more difficult and tedious finding the time to enjoy a couple of JAV – personally, I try to watch at the very least one movie per day; however, this is proving to be way too much of a commit for me: soon, I might reduce the time I spend watching JAVs. Still, enough with the chit-chat and let’s talk about porn. The more observant reader will notice that all the entries on the following list have one factor in common: boobs. I intend to officially rename May as the "month of boobs": we're not even talking about particularly famous breasts (no Hitomi in sight...) but still balloons that could perfectly compete with the best boobs in the business. Of course, as much as boobs were the common factor, that wasn't the only evaluative trait. But for more details, let's take a direct look at the films I'm proposing.


Lemon Sawa −  "I Woke Up To Find A Gorgeous Tanned Half-Japanese Slut Resting Beside Me! We Fucked Last Night?! Oh No! I Don't Remember A Thing! Except She Seems To Want To Pick Up Where We Left Off... Remon Sawa"

Movie ROYD-055
Studio Royal
Cast Lemon Sawa
Release Date May 14, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

Have you ever seen "The Hangover"? It's a really good movie. I think I've watched the whole trilogy at least a couple of times. As Hollywood's multi-million dollar directors teach us, a hangover can end one of two ways: either with a tribal tattoo in the middle of your face (and the subsequent breakup of your engagement to a sweet blonde maiden) or with, well, a bang. Some of us feel especially inhibited when dealing with women. Picking up turns out to be difficult, if not impossible, and so sometimes you need a little nudge, such as a good dose of alcohol, to in turn give some well-disposed lady a nudge. Such is the case with this film's John Doe, a white-collar, classic officeworker fresh out of college, who - after a boring, monotonous workday - decides to kick it up a notch and give it a try. And, well... it works. Bam, bam, bam, about ten hours later John wakes up to find himself in a bed with a supernatural beauty by his side: Lemon Sawa, in all her tanned glory, is a sight for sore eyes, and I mean it. She's exactly what I imagine when I think of a Japanese girl who is not only genuinely charming, but also alternative and different looking than the crowd. It's definitely a niche, the tanned girl niche, but I observed while watching this film that it's something I really enjoy. In any case, John Doe has no choice but to take advantage of the situation, after overcoming the initial instant of amazement, other than to go at it with Lemon Sawa full force, shutting all the years he spent as a virgin and undecided out the door. Unbridled sex, but also sweet and at times calm, accompanied me for over an hour and a half in this quality production by Studio Royal. A very good film in which the lead actress managed to stand out as rarely happens.



Rina Takase −  "Big Titty Escort Rina Takase"

Movie ONSG-036
Studio Gain Corporation
Cast Rina Takase
Release Date May 22, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

I was having a really bad day when, browsing through possible JAVs to watch filtered through the most recently released ones, I saw two giant reasons to cheer myself up - of course, my mood wasn't the only thing rising up at that moment. If Lemon Sawa for you didn't fully fit into a list regarding "boob month," you will now face this month's final boss: Rina Takase. In all her glory, the magnificent actress delights us with two hours full of penetrative sex, oral sex, use of toys and more. This movie has who knows what plot, and in fact I watched it solely for the exceptional sex scenes. For instance, the missionary position when assumed by the lead actress of this film is all too exciting, as is everything else about this Studio Gain Corporation production. The actress is really the focus of the film: her outfit, consisting solely and exclusively of a swimsuit, and those Bayonetta-esque glasses, in addition to her cut generally considered demure and suitable for a reserved girl, are exceptional oxymorons that made this viewing even more compelling. In particular, I enjoyed the scenes in which Rina Takase gave, as if they were fresh water, blowjobs to her Prince Charming. In the bathtub, on the bed, on the couch: anywhere is a good place to get laid and enjoy two oppai in the true sense of the word. I would suggest you all to give a fast look at the above trailer, as it really sums up the experience pretty well. This movie is a really good example of what a generic JAV which focusses on an actress with big boobs should look like. Right now, it really raised the bar pretty high for me. A dream for the eyes, indeed. I recommend anyone to watch this movie, you will not be disappointed.



Nemu Kisaki −  ""I Love Video Games And Cum" Submissive Female Nerd Who Loves Erotic Comics Is So Horny She Made Her Porn Debut Nemu Kisaki"

Movie CAWD-225
Studio kawaii
Cast Nemu Kisaki
Release Date May 21, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

RISE UP, GAMERS! Nemu Kisaki is a gamer, just like us. But I'll tell you more: not only is she beautiful, attractive, quirky, wears glasses, has a petite and graceful physique, is an expert gamer, but she also fucks like crazy. Gentlemen, I won't deny it. I'm not here to tell tall tales or fight windmills. I saw this movie purely for the title, which made me smile, and for the cover image in which the lead actress looked so... carefree and cheerful, and gave me a beautiful feeling of serenity and joy. Right off the bat, as soon as I approached the film itself, Nemu Kisaki conveyed so much more to me. First of all, it horny me. Secondly, it made me want to inquire about this rare and little-known species such as "gamer girls". Apparently, they date back to the early 1980s, although some date these special and distinctive specimens to the creation of the first board games. It seems that gamer girls are able to provoke, towards male gamers, feelings that go far beyond the esoteric -- and just because they are gamers. Their being gamers is cause for excitement and awe, as well as horniness (which comes next). All kidding aside, I don't mean to stereotype girls playing video games, I'd miss it, but it's something porn has been doing for years now, and JAVs are no different. This production by Studio kawaii (an adjective with which I would perfectly qualify the lead actress of this film) certainly pushes the stereotype that I just told, romanticizing it in an erotic and sensual context. Personally, the final product is something I appreciate and would, of all people, want to identify with. Do you ever see a porn and say "gosh, I wish I was right in the place of that generic guy fucking the girl"? Well, of all of them this is definitely the type of porn I would identify with, or want to identify with, the most. In general, the sex is great, despite the plot being vague and mediocrely acted. In any case, although Nemu Kisaki has to do with "boob month" to a certain extent, her form is really nice and I find her to be a really stellar actress. Check this movie out, especially if you're a gamer.



Suzu Monami −  "[Daydream POV] A Crazy Night Where I, A Newly-married Man, Got Tipsy And Ended Up S******g In The Same Room As My Company Junior At A Hotel - Suzu Monami"

Movie ETQR-232
Studio Erotic Time
Cast Suzu Monami
Release Date May 21, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

As the fourth entry on this list, which we remind you is not ordered by preference or quality, we find a movie that is...weird. I couldn't pin this production down, even after re-watching the film for the second time. I can't explain it: it's a strange film, and I can't figure out if it's the "fault" (but I wouldn't call it fault, actually) of the lead actress, Suzu Monami, whose this film is the first I've watched, or of the plot itself. The narrative fabric of the film seemed rather truncated to me, as if at some point in the production the studio decided to jam the sex scenes into a vague and unclear narrative framework, although the idea behind it - the "daydream" - is clear. I put this film on the list despite not liking or disliking it - this film, produced by Studio Erotic Time, is an unknown. I found the sex to be decent and the plot to be mediocre, but there is something - it may be the atmosphere or the acting of the lead actress - that intrigued me and even made me want to watch the film again. Probably, if any of you watch it, you won't notice anything out of the ordinary, and I suppose that's just the way it is; however, I can't help but notice how this film is definitely different from the others on this list, in the sense that it's a film that I would recognize in a hundred right away. And since I'm someone who appreciates originality, and even weirdness when it comes to JAV and porn in general, I've decided to include this bizarre film on this equally bizarre list. If May was an interesting and peculiar month, credit is also due to this decent movie that I would watch with a friend while eating popcorn on the couch.



Aoi Kururugi −  "Getting A Clueless Popular Porn Star To Immediately Agree To Sucking And Fucking Aoi Kururugi"

Movie MXGS-1182
Cast Aoi Kururugi
Release Date May 16, 2021

Check out the trailer of the movie here:

The first few seconds of the trailer below are really interesting. It's almost a cathartic experience, freeing me of a serious burden that was passing over my soul. There's something poetic about the way Aoi Kururugi is thrown onto the couch, firmly but also gracefully, only to be penetrated by her friend, again and again. When she's done tasting the appetizer, we move on to a quick thirst quenching of Aori Kururugi's cocktail, and then continue on to a more complete and satisfying sexual intercourse. Now repeat this script over and over again, never stopping or at most with brief pauses to catch your breath. There, that's your film produced by Studio MAXING, a production company with which I am not particularly familiar but which I will certainly get to know in the future. And I specifically wrote "script" because this film has nothing new, nor does it want to have anything new. Let me explain: this movie doesn't aim to be original, to have a sensational (or at least reasonable, cough) plot, but - without taking itself too seriously - from the very first moment of directing it starts fucking, and never ends. I appreciate productions that don't try to be original, and that instead of delving into aspects of JAVs that don't belong to them, or that they simply aren't interested in, then delve into the raw, naked sex that is the basis of all porn, quality porn like this and otherwise. In summary, we have before us a decent and fully enjoyable film, with a lead actress I'm not crazy about but I certainly don't mind either, and full of good and immersive sex scenes. It's not going to be your best movie, but it's the kind of product that, in its unobtrusiveness and commonality, manages to successfully stand out. I'm sure many of you will enjoy it.



That’s it for today, folks. May 2021 has been a great month JAV-wise. Hopefully, we’ll see even better JAVs during this Summer, but they will have to do very good to compete with these entries. Thank you again for sticking with me until the end, and I hope you enjoyed the article! Stay safe and see you next time!

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ramp_it_up 2 years ago
I was looking forward to Nemu Kisaki CAWD-225 but something was off. She didn't look as xxxxx as I thought, she re-debuted and she's been in the game since 2013. She's going to go from 0-60 real quick in this run
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