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Published : February 22nd, 2024 Written by Syndrome


JAV watchers have established a fetish for any and everything, and this time I'll cover armpits (waki). The sight of a woman's clean-shaven underarms can be quite sexy, despite it not being a "sexual" part of her body, so I'm going to analyze 10 JAV that make the spot more erotic and then rank them according to their quality.

10. It Tickles But It Feels So Good Competitive Swimming Armpit Foreplay

Video         RAM-208

Cast         Saki Michishige, Anzu Mizutani, Rurika Ishihara, Reina Makino

Duration      102 minutes

Studio         Eiten

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Swimsuit.

Release Date  2018-10-05

This JAV is sadly the least impressive of the 10 on this list. There are multiple actresses wearing leotards and swimsuits, and while each of them are cute, the armpit service is lacking. There's a lot of touching and stroking of the area with paintbrushes, but the lewdness doesn't extend beyond that. No armpit fucking, no nudity, no ejaculating on the girls' armpits, nothing. While the work is highly sensual, I prefer my JAV to have actual explicit content, so sadly, this is the worst movie on the list.

9. Armpit Processing

Video         ONIN-063

Cast         Marin Asakura, Rion Isumi, Kyouko Maki, Tsugumi Mizusawa, Shouko Ootani, Kurumi Tamaki, Miho Tomii

Duration      116 minutes

Studio         Tamanegi/Mousouzoku

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Bathing, Shaving.

Release Date  2021-06-20

This rather odd movie is dedicated to women maintaining their underarm area. There's plenty of zoom-ins on underarms, washing, soaping and cleaning of underarms too. The girls are all cute as well as topless, so watchers can at least get an additional tease whilst staring at the underarms. There's also some shaving, which some might consider strange, but the film at least deserves praise for being unique. Aside from that, there's no actual lewd activities involving underarms, much like the previous movie, so I consider this to be a bit of a wasted opportunity, especially when there seems to not be many armpit-themed JAV out there.

8. Armpit Specialty Responsibility

Video         FETI-146


Duration      125 minutes

Studio         AFRO-FILM

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Armpit Hair, Licking, Yuri, Massage, Bondage.

Release Date  2014-02-03

This movie is progressively better than the last few as it contains some bondage play throughout, then it transitions to some strange areas as one of the actresses starts arm wrestling, exposing her underarm in the process. The work definitely earns points for trying to be memorable. What I most like is the girl-on-girl play in this JAV, as there's quite a few moments, and the girls lick each others' underarms, in addition to playing with each other. The armpit play overall in the film is kind of weak however, as it's mostly zoom-ins or touching, and not a lot of actual sexual shenanigans with the woman's underarms. There's also some women with armpit hair later on, which frankly just grosses me out as it reminds me of men, so that also subtracts a few points from the film.

7. Schoolgirl, Let me See Your Armpit Please!

Video         GYAZ-091

Cast         Airi Hayasaka, Chika Arimura, Saya Takazawa, Aiko Tsukishiro, Saki Hatsumi, Rumi Sahara, Karina Niiyama, Saai Manabe, Kaname Camellia, Hikari Full Moon

Duration      125 minutes

Studio         Janess

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Licking, Massage, Seifuku,

Release Date  2013-04-15

This movie is rather uneventful. There is the usual presenting of the girl's underarm, and guys come by to stroke, massage, and lick them. The girls wear all sorts of cute outfits, such as schoolgirl seifuku, but other than that, there's nothing particularly memorable that happens. Worse yet, no men take out their penises and do anything lewd to the women's underarms. The only remotely perverse thing that happens is that the girls often get topless, but sadly nothing else really happens. There are much more enticing works on the list.

6. Extreme Armpits - lesbians licking armpits and nipples 2

Video         EVIS-232


Duration      122 minutes

Studio         Ebisusan

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Licking, Yuri, Massage.

Release Date  2018-09-30

This movie makes things unique by focusing on girl-on-girl armpit play. The girls are constantly playing with each others' underarms, with kisses and licking being the most frequent activity. The girls don't really do much beyond that, so the movie feels highly repetitive and uninteresting. While i do like girl-on-girl stuff, it feels a bit lackluster when armpits are the central fetish of the JAV. I feel like men can go farther with this type of fetish as they can rub their penis on the woman or ejaculate. I feel such things are more erotic, so therefore this movie sadly doesn't score highly.

5. Sleeveless Girls Only "Do You Shave Your Pits?" The First Armpit Fucks Of Their Lives - All 6 Girls Get Bukkake, 2 Go All The Way!

Video         SDMM-073


Duration      145 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Magic Mirror, Tickling.

Release Date  2020-11-03

This work naturally features a lot of armpit fucking, which is good for those fixated with women's underarms, and a room with a one-way mirror serves as the central location. In fact, the one-way mirror room is the location for every erotic scene, which makes things get boring fast. Though, the actresses are at least adorable and great to look at, so that helps to even things out a bit.

The armpit play is a bit lackluster. There's some tickling and teasing, but it usually always transitions into armpit fucking. On top of this, there's nothing overly creative or standout happening. In my opinion, the movie is rather average.

4. Underarm Sensuality Suffocating Armpit Ecstasy Abe Mikako

Video         MIAA-141

Cast         Abe Mikako

Duration      147 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Solo, Bikini, Licking, Tickling.

Release Date  2019-09-01

Armpits are immediately put front and center in this movie, and lovers of small breasts will be particularly enamored by Abe Mikako. The JAV contains plenty of tickling and poking at Abe's armpits, with this sort of foreplay making up a great deal of the first portion of the film. The penis rubbing comes about 54 minutes in, and the shenanigans don't stop there, as tools are used relentlessly on Abe.

Abe's arms are almost always up so that viewers can always observe her underarms, and I'd say the film does a decent job of satisfying fetishists. I'd argue that there needs to be more penis rubbing and cumshots on her underarms, so the movie does get surpassed by others on the list that do this more.

3. Arm Pit Sex – Licking, Fucking, And Cumming On Her Pits

Video         NEO-674

Cast         Asahi Mizuno

Duration      122 minutes

Studio         RADIX

Genre         Armpits, Big Breasts, Masturbation, Solo, Food, Orgy, Bukkake, Hadaka Apron.

Release Date  2019-02-20

When it comes to underarms, this movie seems to know what it's doing as there's a relentless barrage of unique waki ("armpit" in Japanese) action. Not only does the movie zoom in close and oil up Asahi's underarm, but there's also some lewd nyotaimori action. Essentially, there are men eating food off her body, whilst they occasionally rub it against her underarms.

Aside from the food porn, the men naturally also rub their members all over Asahi's pits. I believe this movie capitalizes on a lot of crucial elements, from doing things to make itself memorable (the food-eating off the actress' body as well as some hadaka apron), to including multiple men in one scene, and because of this, it scores high in terms of sex appeal.

2. Pretty Older Woman's Armpit Job - Ram Himemiya

Video         DOKS-054

Cast         Ram Himemiya, Keito Inamori, Nagisa Hoshikura, Ren Ichijo

Duration      101 minutes

Studio         OFFICE K'S

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Yoga, Licking, Bukkake, Dildo.

Release Date  2008-12-22

There's a nice amount of lusty stretching in this movie before things get active. As per usual, there's armpit-fucking and ejaculations onto the woman's underarm, which I deem to be the minimum for an armpit-themed JAV to be adequately entertaining. There's even multiple different women to admire, and such variety is always good.

However, the most enticing part of the movie is the fact that the woman rubs her underarm on the man's penis, as opposed to the other way around. This is the first time I've seen this amongst the movies on the list, and it adds an extra layer of sexiness. Of course, this is ruined by the subsequent scene that involves men using fake penises to squirt "semen" onto the woman, but the previous scene gives this movie a high score.

1. A Hard Cock Is Rubbed On a Pheromone-Filled Armpit Pussy And Shoots White Stuff All Over For BUKKAKE Fun!!

Video         INDI-016

Cast         Kai Miharu, Haduki Nozomi, Aiba Maika

Duration      134 minutes

Studio         Amateur Indies

Genre         Armpits, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Tickling, Licking, Oral, Bukkake, Bikini.

Release Date  2014-11-20

This movie has a lot of scenes where the women simply present their underarms, and the guy licks and plays with them for an extended period. Even during scenes where things switch to oral, the woman makes sure to keep her arms up, the JAV clearly paying respect to its armpits theme.

Naturally, there is also armpit fucking, and the male ejaculates onto her underarms, and this movie is particularly great about that, as there are scenes with multiple guys cumming on both the woman's armpits. Specifically there are two bukkake scenes total, so this movie is easily one of the better ones simply because of that - bukkake and scenes with multiple ejaculating males always makes things better, in my opinion.

There are even some other interesting visuals, such as the female actresses licking their own underarms, or a scene that's almost exclusively first-person. So that, coupled with the aforementioned, makes this movie the best on the list.

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